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Certificates for Graduate Students

On Thursday evening, the third round of students of the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies received their certificates. The eight students were selected in 2011 out of nearly 200 applicants to pursue their doctoral degree within the framework of the Cluster.

Cluster welcomes MA Students

A new batch of MA students has arrived at the Karl Jaspers Centre to pursue an M.A. in Transcultural Studies (MATS). About 90 students, which is the largest first year MATS cohort ever, have taken up their studies in the MATS this winter semester. The welcoming and introductory session took place on Monday.

Essay Prize for Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer

Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer, PhD candidate of the Graduate Program for Transcultural Studies, has been awarded with the thirteenth annual Chino Kaori Memorial Essay Prize for her paper titled "The Material is the Message: Rubbings and Prints in Postwar Japanese Calligraphy”.

DFG Meeting Urges for Excellence Initiative Continuation

With an urgent appeal to policy makers for a continuation of the Excellence Initiative, the largest meeting for clusters of excellence, graduate schools and institutional strategies has ended. The Cluster "Asia and Europe" was represented at the meeting by Director Prof. Axel Michaels and Scientific Project Manager Oliver Lamers.

Annual Conference 2014

More than 150 scholars from Heidelberg and all over the world participated in the sixth Annual Conference “Cultural Mediation: Creativity, Performance, Display” from October 8-10. The event was organised by Research Area B “Public Spheres”.

Ausstellung "Von Atlantis bis heute"

Wie Menschen mit Katastrophen umgehen, veranschaulicht eine umfangreiche Ausstellung organisiert von Prof. Gerrit J. Schenk und Prof. Monica Juneja als ein Ergebnis ihres Forschungsprojektes D17 "Images of Disasters". Die Ausstellung "Von Atlantis bis heute - Mensch. Natur. Katastrophe" wird vom 7. September 2014 bis 1. März 2015 in den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim gezeigt.