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Maya Okuda, M.A.


Maya Okuda, M.A.


  • Ph.D. Candidate until February 2010


Über Maya Okuda

PhD Project: Japan and international intellectual cooperation

Fields of interest: History of International Organizations in the Interwar Period. League of Nations History. History of intellectual co-operation. History of relations between Europe and Japan.  



since 03/2008: Research Fellow, Cluster of Excellence «Asia and Europe in a Global Context», Heidelberg University, Research Project «Networkung the international system»

since 2006: PhD Student, Heidelberg University, Germany

2005-2006: Postgraduate Studies of Medieval and modern history, Political science and Sociology at Heidelberg University, Germany

2004: Master of Arts (History)

2002–2004: M.A. Study of European history at the Kobe University in Kobe, Japan

2002: Bachelor of Arts (International and Cultural Studies)

2002–2004: Student assistant at the Library for social sciences of Kobe University

2002–2003: Student assistant and Tutor at the Seminar in European History, Graduate School of Letters, Kobe University

2002: B.A. Study of International and Cultural Studies at the Tsuda College in Tokyo, Japan

2002: Finish at the Nagoya University, School of Education Affiliated Senior High School in Nagoya, Japan