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Yusen Yu


Yusen Yu


  • PhD candidate (GPTS-6)


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 021
69115 Heidelberg


Über Yusen Yu

Research Interests:

Asian and Islamic art; material culture; history of science and technology; the Silk Road (10th-18th centuries); world history


Ph.D. candidate Heidelberg University, Germany -- Asian Art History (est. 2018).

Dissertation: “Persianate Reception of Chinese Painting in 15th-mid 16th Centuries.” (supervised by Profs. Sarah E. Fraser and Monica Juneja)

M.A. SOAS, University of London, UK -- Islamic Art and Architecture (2012). Thesis: “‘Works of the Masters of Cathay’: Four Groups of Ming-Dynasty-Style Paintings in Two Topkapi Albums, H. 2153 and 2160.” (supervised by Prof. Doris Behrens-Abouseif)

University of Tehran, Iran -- Persian Language and Iranian Studies (2010, 2013-14)

B.A. Sun Yat-sen University, China -- History (2011).

Thesis: “The Mughal and Hindustani Jades in Qing Imperial Collection.”

Ausgewählte Publikationen


波斯和中国:帖木儿及其后.[Persia and China: from the Age of Timur Onward], Beijing: Commercial Press, 2015 (in Chinese).

Articles and Book Chapters

- “Representing Ming China in Fifteenth-Century Persianate Painting,” Ming Studies special issue “Cross-Asian Visual Culture and Material Exchange in the Ming,” 2018.

- “14 世纪晚期至15 世纪波斯宫廷收藏的道释画[Buddhist and Daoist Paintings from Persianate Collections of the Fourteenth to Fifteenth Centuries],” in 马可•波罗与10-14世纪的丝绸之路 [Marco Polo and the Silk Road during Tenth to Fourteen Centuries], Peking University, 2018 (in Chinese) (forthcoming).

- “一组收藏于欧洲的帖木儿朝玉器:初步研究 [Timurid Jade-objects in European Collections: Some Preliminary Observations]”, 欧亚学刊 [International Journal of Eurasian Studies], v. 6, 2017 (in Chinese) (forthcoming).

-“帖木儿宫廷如何收藏中国瓷器? [How did the Timurid Court Collect Chinese Porcelain],” 故宫文物月刊 [The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art], v. 8, 2017, 66-73. (in Chinese).

- “From the Picture Gallery of China: A Glimpse into the Persianate Collecting of Chinese Religious Painting in the Late 14th to 15th Centuries”, Aziatische Kunst: Uitgave van de Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst (Publication of the Asian Art Society in the Netherlands) 47/2 (2017): 13-20.

- “从波斯到欧洲: ‘中国公主’故事传播的另一个维度〔From Persia to Europe: The Flow of ‘Chinese Princess’ as a Persian Literary Motif〕”, 东方学刊[Oriental Studies], v. 2, 2015 (in Chinese)

- “The Arab Empire in Chinese Sources from the 8th Century to the 10th Century”, in Arabia, Greece and Byzantium: Cultural Contacts in Ancient and Medieval Times, ed. Abdulaziz Al-Helabi, Dimitrios G. Letsios, Moshalleh Al-Moraekhi and Abdullah Al-Abduljabbar (Riyadh: King Saud University, 2012), 311-320.