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I-Wei Wu, M.A.


I-Wei Wu, M.A.


  • GPTS Student until June 2010


Über I-Wei Wu

Wu I-Wei graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) , Taiwan. He studied Theatre Theory and History and received his M.A degree in 2006. Among his research interests are visual culture, popular culture, satire culture, Chinese newspaper and magazines in the 19th and 20th century, traditional Chinese opera and theatre. In his Master thesis, he dealt with the relationship between theater and pictorials and made an attempt to investigate how the tradition Chinese performances and the actors are depicted in the pictures on pictorials. Since 2008 he has been a participant of the Graduate school for Transcultural Studies continuing his research on the pictures and image on pictorial newspapers. By focusing on satire pictures he investigates the cultural and political asymmetry between the West and the East in the late Qing Shanghai.  



born in Taipei, Taiwan


since 10.2008: Ph.D. Candidate of the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in Global Context”, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany

01.2006: M.A. in Theatre Theory and History at Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan

06.2000: B.Ed. at National Hualien Teachers College, Taiwan

Working and Research Experience

02.2005-06.2007: Columnist for Chunghua Daily News, Taipei, Taiwan

09.2003-02.2004: Columnist for United Daily News, Taipei, Taiwan

08.2003-02.2004: Research Assistant in the project: “On the Cross-Cultural Theatre Aesthetics - A Semiotic Analysis on the Performance of Greek Tragedy in Taiwan” at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

06.2003-08.2004: Editor of the Literary Supplement of The Liberty Times, Taipei, Taiwan

03.2002-02.2003: Research Assistant in the project: “An analysis on the collection of pictures at Taipei National University of the Arts” at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

08.2000-08.2001: Substitute Teacher at the Badu Elementary School, Keelung, Taiwan

08.1999-07.2000: Research Assistant in the project: “A study on erotic literature by contemporary Taiwanese female writers” at the National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan


"Reading Asymmetry and Flow: Satirical Pictures in Shanghai Pictorials and Cartoon Magazines"
In my doctoral project, I would investigate satirical pictures of the late 19th and early 20th century in two perspectives: asymmetry and flow. In the Chinese case, the targets pictures satirized were wide and various, including imperialists’ invasion, current politics, Chinese traditions and culture, habits, even the Westerners and their culture. Such contradictive attitude does help us to understand how Chinese identified with themselves and might seek a balanced way for a change under this asymmetric impact. Moreover, the West’s colonialism and imperialism led to an exchange between East and West, I argue asymmetry makes flow move from one place to another not only forwards, but also backwards, and even spread out. In this way, I would explore how these images were presented in different contexts and what mechanism and ideology were hidden behind by tracing the “journey” of pictures.