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Katharina S. Rode, M.A.


Katharina S. Rode, M.A.


  • PhD Candidate - GPTS 6: Negotiating Imitation –
  • Kawabata Gyokushō and Art-Making in Late Nineteenth Century Japan
  • (working title)


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 021
69115 Heidelberg


Über Katharina S. Rode



Oct 2016 -
Graduate Studies at the Cluster, Heidelberg University
Member of Research Area D: Historicities & Heritage

2015 - 2016
Field studies at Gakushūin University, Tokyo, with MEXT full scholarship.
Japanese supervisor: Prof. Sano Midori

2014 - 2015
Project Coordinator - Field of Focus 3: Pilot study to optimize digital presentations of movable image and text formats

Direct link to project:

Start of dissertation project within the GPTS 6 (Graduate School for Transcultural Studies; initial abstract) framework.
Supervisor: Prof. Melanie Trede, Prof. Monica Juneja

Heidelberg University Didactics Certificate

Graduation as Magistra Artium in East Asian Art History and Japanese Studies.
Thesis title: "Fusing Past and Present: Aida Makoto, Yamaguchi Akira and Ikeda Manabu"
Supervisor: Prof. Melanie Trede

Student Assistant for several projects at the Cluster of Excellence „Asia And Europe In A Global Context“, e.g. the exhibition project Images of Disasters or Cultural Economic History.

Exchange student at the Tokyo Gakugei University with JASSO full scholarship.

Enrolled in Heidelberg University


Teaching experience

  • Teaching Assistant for the lecture series "East Asia in World History", given by Prof. Enno Giele (Chinese Studies), Prof. Hans-Martin Krämer (Japanese Studies) and Visiting Prof. Tamaki Masuda (East Asian Art History, University of Washington, Seattle) (WS 2013-14), Center for East Asian Studies, Heidelberg University.
  • MA-level seminar "Artworks in Transition" co-taught with Dr. Mio Wakita (SS 2017), East Asian Art History, University of Heidelberg.
  • MA-level tutorium "MA Transcultural Studies Basic Research Skills" (WS 2018-19), Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies.
  • Guest lecture: "Self-representation and Japanese art: Calculated reactions to foreign responses" in "Transcultural Modernism(e):  Jugendstil and Art Nouveau in Europe and East Asia", taught by Dr. Anna Grasskamp and Sabine Schenk, M.A. (26 May 2015).
  • Guest lecture: "The Art of the Meiji Period" in "Introduction into Japanese Art History", taught by Dr. Frank Feltens at Rikkyō University (6 Jun 2016).


  • Japan Art History Forum (JAHF)
  • European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
  • European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA)
  • Japanese Art Society of America (JASA)

 Workshops and conferences participated

  • "Eloquent terminology: Painting practices in early modern Japanese painting", Art Histories and Terminologies II (6-7 Feb 2015) organized by Forum Transregionale Studien 'Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices', Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe' and the KHI Florence, Heidelberg University.
  • "Avoiding the C-word: Evaluating "reproductive practices" in Japanese painting", 4th Forum East Asian Art History in German-speaking Countries (29-30 May 2015) organized by Zürich University.
  • Moderation of panel discussion: "Japanese Art in a Global Context"(29 Jul 2016) Gakushūin University.
  • "National Treasures for Modern Japan – Protective Legislation, Issues of Cultural Authenticity and the Necessity for a Nationwide Cultural Consciousness", Annual Conference 2016: Making, Sustaining, Breaking – The Politics Of Heritage And Culture (12-14 Oct 2016), Heidelberg University.
  • "Between Imitation and Originality: Kawabata Gyokushō’s Painting Practice", Japanese Art History Workshop for Graduate Students (JAWS)(9-16 Mar 2017), Harvard University and Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • Hekksagon Graduate Workshop (15-22 Apr 2018), Kyoto University
  • "Kaiga no shōrai - Kawabata Gyokushō, Hashimoto Gahō and the (transcultural) future of Japanese painting", Eurasian Connections: Heidelberg Graduate Conference (25-26 May 2018), Heidelberg University.
  • Co-organizer/Heidelberg represantative, 7th Forum East Asian Art History in German-speaking Countries (1-2 Jun 2018) organized by Vienna University.
  • "Copying as Key to the Past – Kawabata Gyokushō and the modernization of the Maruyama School (Kopieren als Schlüssel zur Vergangenheit – Kawabata Gyokushō und die Modernisierung der Maruyama Schule)", 17. Deutschsprachiger Japanologentag (29.-31. Aug 2018), FU Berlin.

Workshops and conferences attended

  • Imaging Disaster (1-3 Mar 2012), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • The Asia-Pacific Maritime World (7-8 May 2012), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Art, Artist & Artifacts in 17th and 18th Century Japan (20 Jun 2012), Institute for East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University
  • En-Framing Objects in cultural exchange processes between Japan, China, and Europe (11 Jan 2013), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University 
  • New Research on 19th Century Japanese Print Culture (7 Jun 2013), Institute for East Asian, Heidelberg University
  • The Transformative Power of the Copy: A Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Approach (14-15 Mar 2014), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Biography of Objects (Cologne, 24-25 Apr 2014), Internationales Kolleg Morphomata, University of Cologne
  • 3rd Forum for East Asian Art in German-speaking Countries (20-21 Jun 2014), Heidelberg University
  • Work shop "Reading Pre-Modern Japanese Texts: Fujiwara no Michinaga (966-1027)’s Mido Kanpakuki" Kuramoto Kazuhiro, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Nichibunken, Kyoto (12-14 Sept 2014) Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Annual Conference 2014 ( 8-10 Oct 2014) Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Transcultural Framing(s): Materials and Metaphors (31 Oct - 2 Nov 2014), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Transcultural Trajectories of Art History: Legacies of Modernity and Global Entanglements (8-10 Dec 2014), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Kuzushiji Workshop (2-6 Mar 2015), Free University of Berlin
  • Heidelberg History Conference on "Global History and the Meiji Restoration" (3-5 Jul 2015), Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, Heidelberg University
  • Japanese Art Librarians (JAL) Program and Work Shop 2015 (14-28 Nov 2015), Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, organized by Mizutani Takeshi; as guest participant.
  • “Todai Lectures” Yukio Lippit, Tokyo University (The Kano School, Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Itō Jakuchû) (6-8 Jan 2016)
  • “Textures of Sound: Orality, Performance & the Visual Arts in Premodern Japan” (13-14 Jan 2016), Jōsai University
  • シンポジウム:近現代美術の保存と修複:世界の潮流と日本の課題 ( Symposium: Preservation and reparation of modern and contemporary art: Global trends and Japan's challenge)”, Tokyo University of the Arts (18 Mar 2016).
  • Symposium of the Meiji Bijutsu Gakkai, Tokyo University of the Arts (23 Apr 2016).
  • Symposium of the Kokusai Ukiyo-e Gakkai - International Ukiyo-e Society, Hōsei University, Tokyo (12 Jun 2016).
  • "Frames and Framings in a Transdisciplinary Perspective II: 'Creating Worlds' in Classical Knowledge Systems" (フレームの超域文化学Ⅱ 世界認識と古典知) Gakushūin University (31 Jul - 1 Aug 2016)
  • Workshop "Things Seen and Heard in Medieval Japan: Reading and Interpreting the Fifteenth-­‐Century Diary Kanmon nikki 看聞日記" (3-8 Oct 2016)
  • 5th Forum for East Asian Art in German-speaking Countries (16-17 Jun 2017), Berlin, FU and Museum für Asiatische Kunst

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Main article for the exhibition catalogue ‚Die Sehnsucht nach Japan’ (‚Longing for Japan’) on the Japanese artist Nishiyama Maya for the correspondent exhibition and inaugural address in the vernissage in the Art Virus Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, on the Feb 23rd.

Authorship of twenty-two entries for the encyclopedia‚ Artists of the World’ (Das Allgemeine Künstlerlexikon), de Gruyter Verlag, on Maeda Tōshirō, Maemoto Toshihiko, Majima Naoko, Mariko Mori, Matsukage Hiroyuki, Nishikawa Katsuhito, Ogiwara Morie,  Ohara Koson, Okada Kenzo, Ooka Shunboku, Tosa Mitsunobu, Saito Toyosaku, Shimomura Kanzan, Shimomura Ryōnosuke, Shiokawa Bunrin, Soga Shōhaku, Sugiyama Yasushi, Suwa Atsushi, Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Tanomura Chokunyū, Taki Katei, Tachibana Morikuni.

Participation in the Online Publication of the Hachiman Digital Handscrolls Project

Direct link to project: