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Dimitry Okropiridze, M.A.


Dimitry Okropiridze, M.A.


  • GPTS-6
  • Lecturer at the Department for the Study of Religion (Heidelberg University)


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 021
69115 Heidelberg



Über Dimitry Okropiridze

I joined the Cluster's Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) in October 2014, supervised by Prof. Dr. Inken Prohl (Department for the Study of Religion)

Academic Fields of Interest


– Religious/Cultural History of South Asia since 1800

– Orientalism from the late 19th Century to the Present

– The Transcultural History of Yoga

– The History of Religion and Science

– The Religio-Therapeutic Discourse in the 20th Century


– Religious Discourse in Motion Pictures and Documentaries

– The Functioning of Collective (religious) Identities

– The Post-Secular Religioscape

– Psychology of Religion

– Carl Jung's Analytic Psychology


– Poststructuralism 

– Ernesto Laclau's Postfoundationalism

– New/Speculative Realism

– Semiotics

– Psychoanalysis 


– Qualitative Methods

– Discourse Analysis

– Hermeneutics


In 2011, I graduated from Heidelberg University with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, and was awarded my Master of Arts in Religious Studies, with a special focus on Transcultural Studies, poststructuralist theory, and material religion in 2014, from the University of Heidelberg. The Masters Thesis was entitled: "Was ist Yoga? Eine religions- und kulturwissenschaftliche Herleitung" (What is Yoga? An Approximation from the Study of Religion and Culture).

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2017. "'East' and 'West' in the Kaleidoscope of Transculturality – The Discursive Production of the Kuṇḍalinī as a New Ontological Object Within and Beyond Orientalist Dichotomies." In Eastspirit – Transnational Spirituality and Religious Circulation in East and West, edited by Jørn; Qvortrup Fibiger Borup, Marianne, 120-145. Leiden; Boston: Brill.

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2017. "Religion und Psychologie in symbolischer Interaktion. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Deutung yogischer Kundalini-Energie und jungianischer Individuation." Wege zum Menschen 69 (4):341-354.

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2016 [2014]. "Was ist Yoga? Eine religions- und kulturwissenschaftliche Herleitung." Masterarbeit, Heidelberg: UB-Heidelberg:

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2016 [2011]. "'Religion' und 'Gewalt' als leere Signifikanten. Religionswissenschaftliche Überlegungen zur Diskurslogik der Hegemonietheorie." Bachelorarbeit, Heidelberg: UB-Heidelberg:

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2015. "Was ist Yoga? Eine religionshistorische Aktualisierung." In: Handbuch der Religionen, Udo Tworuschka (Hg.), Kapitel VIII, 1.3: 1-22. München: OLZOG-Verlag.