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Daniela Cappello, M.A



  • PhD candidate, GPTS-7


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 021
69115 Heidelberg


Über Daniela Cappello


Daniela Cappello (M.A.) studied Indology (with a focus on Hindi and Sanskrit languages and literatures) at “L’Orientale” University of Naples and graduated in 2013 with the thesis “Buddhadeva Bose and the issue of national language”. From 2010 she has conducted long-term research in Kolkata where she eventually edited a Bengali translation of Antonio Gramsci’s 25th Notebook which was published by Rabindra Bharati University of Kolkata (March 2016). In October 2015 she joined Heidelberg University’s Südasien-Institut and the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” as Ph.D. candidate. She is currently pursuing a doctoral research on a Bengali avant-garde movement of the 1960s (the Hungry Generation) and circulation of discourses on obscenity in literature within the international avant-garde community of those years.



2011-2013   M.A. in  “Lingue e civiltà orientali” (Asian languages and civilizations, Summa cum laude), University L’Orientale of Naples. Topic of the thesis: “Buddhadeva Bose and the issue of national language in his work” (Motherlanguage fighter: La questione della lingua nell’opera di Buddhadeva Bose). Languages: Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali.

2007-2011   B.A. in “Lingue e culture dell’Asia e dell’Africa” (Asian and African languages and cultures, Summa cum laude), University L’Orientale of Naples. Topic of the thesis: “Tagore and Kabir, comparing two mystics” (Tagore e Kabir: due mistici in parallelo). Languages: Hindi, Sanskrit, English.

Study and research grants

2015 (April-June), Research for Ph.D project in Kolkata (Department Asia, Africa e Mediterraneo, University L’Orientale of Naples).

2013 (January-July), Inalco (Institut des Langues et Civilizations Orientales) of Paris, Erasmus Study programme.          

2010-12 University cooperation and exchange programme (The European Renaissance in an intercultural perspective) between L’Orientale University of Naples, the Rabindra Bharati University and the Jadavpur University of Calcutta for the translation of the 25th Prison Notebook by Antonio Gramsci from Italian (Quaderno 25: Ai margini della storia. Storia dei gruppi sociali subalterni) to Bengali. 

Conference presentations

2012    (15-17 May) “Receiving Gramsci in India: the Bengali translation of the 25th Prison Notebook” (La ricezione di Gramsci in India: traduzione del Quaderno 25 in Bengali) presented at the Seminar “Identity, cultures and politics in South Asia: Perspectives for a multidisciplinary study”, University L’Orientale of Naples.

2016    (3-4 March) “Hungry and Obscene: Aesthetics of Death in the Bengali Hungry Generation movement” presented at the South Asian Graduate Student Conference (SAGSC XIII), University of Chicago.

2016    (24-25 June) "Radical Aesthetics as Resistance: Reading and Performing the Hungry Generation at University!, Y-SASM (Young South Asian Scholars Meet) on the topic "Transformations of the Political", CeMIS (Centre for Modern Indian Studies), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen




Cappello, Daniela, 2012. Lālon Fakirer gān (Canti di Lālon Fakir). Ritmi Italiani (Numero 4) edited by Centre for Italian Studies, Tulip Press, Kolkata.

      Edited volumes

Cappello, Daniela (ed.), 2016. Itihāser Prāntosīmāy (Nimnoborgīyo sāmājik śreṇīr itihās evaṁ anyānya racanā) [Quaderno 25: Ai Margini della Storia. Storia dei gruppi sociali subalterni e altri scritti di Antonio Gramsci], transl. by Jayasri Chaudhuri and Indrani Das, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. [Bengali translation with parallel Italian text]