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Miriam Seeger

Assoziierte Mitglieder


  • Ph.D. Candidate (November 2008 - October 2011)



Über Miriam Seeger

Miriam Seeger studied modern and classical Chinese studies as well as philosophy at Heidelberg University and at Beijing University. For her PhD she joined the Cluster in autumn 2008 and took part in the project “Large dams: contested environments between hydro-power and resistance”. She finished her PhD in summer 2012.


Ausgewählte Publikationen

Zähmung der Flüsse. Staudämme und das Streben nach produktiven Landschaften in China im 20. und beginnenden 21. Jahrhundert (PhD thesis, Heidelberg University, 2012).

"Water Diversion Between Official Rhetoric and the Drive to Dominate Nature" in: Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia: The Challenge of Climate Change, edited by Carmen Meinert, 163-195. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2013.

"Tibetan Water to Save China? Chinese Discourse on the Great Western Route" in: Large Dams: Contested Environments between Hydro-Power and Resistance, edited by Marcus Nüsser, 33-60. Dordrecht i.a.: Springer, 2014.