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Dinah Jung, Dr.

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Dinah Jung, Dr.


  • Healthcare practitioner (Practice of Ayurveda and Naturopathy) and independent researcher.



Über Dinah Jung

Dinah Jung is a cultural anthropologist and healthcare practitioner. Having specialised in the fine arts (perfumery, music) of Asia and phenomenological matters, she focused on transcultural and aesthetical questions. Based on her experiences there, she started to make use of her anthropological knowledge for therapeutic goals and has undergone additional medical training for that purpose. Special of her academic work is her anthropologically “thick approach” in the sense of applying aesthetic methods (poetic expression, photography) in order to represent aesthetic issues. Her key contribution is the research of non-Western perfumery arts and specifically of agarwood.


Since 2017 Healthcare practitioner and researcher (Asian therapeutic techniques). 2016-2017 Medical training (classical medicine, naturopathy, Ayurveda). 2013-2016 Research & Knowledge Management at an international medium-sized business, including data management and generation, publishing, medical product certification management, representation, customer relations. 2009-2013 Assistant professor (Wissenschaftliche Angestellte) at the faculty of East Asian Art History, Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg/ Collaborative Research Center 'Ritual Dynamics'), granted by the German Science Foundation. Postdoctoral research 'Asian network of perfumery traditions - The history of agarwood'. Before 2009 PhD scholar at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology, University of Basel. Granted by the Sense of Smell Institute New York, Swiss National Science Foundation Bern, Free Academic Society (Freie Akademische Gesellschaft) Basel. PhD research 'Perfumery in Islamic Western Asia - The olfactory aesthetics'. Studies of anthropology, Asian religions, and music history and anthropology. Dinah Jung has also been actively involved in the organization of international scientific conferences and events, museum exhibitions, and world music festivals, among them the international workshop 'Perfumery and Ritual in Asia', leading to a Special Issue of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society under the same title (see Publications), and the photo exhibition 'Perfumery Heritage of Asia' (2015, Bonn). Continuous fieldwork in various parts of Asia.

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Monographs (peer reviewed)

An Ethnography of Fragrance. The Perfumery Arts of 'Adan/Lahj. Leiden, 2011. 

Edited Books (peer reviewed)

Perfumery and Ritual in Asia. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Special Issue (Guest Editor). JRAS, Vol. 23, Part I, 2013.

Books (non-peer reviewed)

Das Parfumerbe Asiens / The Perfumery Heritage of Asia (Exhibition catalogue). Heidelberg: Universitätsbibliothek, 2015. [Also online: Heidelberg: HeiDOK, 2015].

(K.Jung, D. Jung) Handbuch der Somatovitaltherapie. Teil I. Munster: Monsenstein und Vannerdat, 2013.

(K. Jung, D. Jung) Handbuch der Somatovitaltherapie. Teil II. Munster: Monsenstein und Vannerdat. 2014.

Articles (peer reviewed)

"The Cultural Biography of Agarwood - Perfumery in Eastern Asia and the Asian Neighbourhood". Postprint: Heidelberg: HeiDOK, 2016. Journal article: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. 23, Iss. 01, 2013 (103–125).

(S. Horiguchi with D. Jung) "Kodo - Its Spiritual and Game Elements and Its Interrelations with the Japanese Literary Arts"Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. 23, Iss. 01, 2013 (69–84).

Scientific posters (peer reviewed)

Cultural Flows and Interrelations between Perfumery Arts in Asia. The Spread and Rise of Agarwood. Contribution at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting 2011, Montreal. Heidelberg: HeiDOK, 2011.

Articles (non-peer reviewed)

Perfumery in Asia. Reflections upon the Natural, Cultural and Intangible Heritage. Heidelberg: HeiDOK, 2015.

(K. Jung, D. Jung) “Gesundheit über den Atem [Breathing]”. K. Jung, D. Jung, Handbuch der Somatovitaltherapie. Teil II: Studien und Praxiserfahrungen. Münster: Monsenstein & Vannerdat, 2015 (31–48).

(K. Jung, D. Jung) “Therapeutisches Yoga”. K. Jung, D. Jung, Handbuch der Somatovitaltherapie. Teil II: Studien und Praxiserfahrungen. Münster: Monsenstein & Vannerdat, 2015 (317–334).

Gedruckte Poesie. Historische Parfumbehälter-Etiketten aus dem Jemen”. Jemen-Report, Vol. 1–2, 2012 (90–91). [Also online: HeidelbergHeiDOK].

The Value of Agarwood. Reflections upon its Use and History in South Yemen. Heidelberg: HeiDOK, 2011.

Information portal

Perfumery Heritage of Asia - An Information Portal.

Reviews of my Work 

 Concerning: An Ethnography of Fragrance. Leiden, 2011:

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. Vol. 46, no. 1 (134–136). (Susan Rasmussen).

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"Die Welt der Düfte neu entdecken. Parfüm aus Asien". General-Anzeiger Bonn, Jan 30, 2016. ('Forschung und Umwelt' 6). (T. Kölsch)

Cultures of Perfumery in Asia. International Workshop on the Cultural History of Perfume. Heidelberg University, Communications and Marketing, No. 281/ 2010, November 19, 2010.

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