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Ananda Samir Chopra, Dr. med.



  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context"
  • Head of the Ayurveda Department, Habichtswald-Klinik, Kassel (on leave)


Karl Jaspers Centre
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg


Über Ananda Samir Chopra

Short Description in the member directory of Heidelberg University

Dr. Ananda Samir Chopra is a medical doctor, currently working as a researcher at the University of Heidelberg, Germany in a project on the modern history of Ayurvedic medicine. Born and brought up in Germany to Indian parents, he studied medicine and indology at the University of Heidelberg. His doctoral thesis on "Theories of Generation in ancient Indian medicine - three chapters of the Caraka-Samhita translated from Sanskrit into German with annotations and comments" (Zeugungstheorien in der altindischen Meidzin: Drei Kapitel der Caraka-Samhita aus dem Sanskrit ins Deutsche übersetzt sowie mit Anmerkungen und Erläuterungen versehen), was accepted by the University of Bonn (Institute for the History of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine).

After becoming a registered physician in Germany, Chopra studied Ayurveda for one year in Kolkata, India. From 1995 till 2009 he served as medical director of the Ayurveda-department at the Habichtswald-Klinik in Kassel, Germany and is currently on leave from his hospital-job. Since his childhood he has been learning classical Hindustani music and has for some time been honorary director of studies at the Tagore-Insitute, Bonn, Germany.

Chopra's research-interests include the historical development of Ayurveda as a medical science, especially in the last two centuries, contemporary practice of Ayurveda in India and Europe, contemporary Ayurvedic education and the clinical applicability of Ayurveda in Germany and Europe.