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Eva Zhang, M.A.


Eva Zhang, M.A.


  • GPTS Student until August 2010


Über Eva Zhang

Eva Zhang has studied Art History and Japanese Studies at the University of Heidelberg. During her master studies she studied and worked in Japan (e.g Tuebingen University Center for Japanese Language at Dôshisha, Kyôto) and China (e.g. Nankai University, Tianjin). She received her master degree in 2003. The topic of her M.A. thesis was ‘Humanist Portraits’. After her M.A. she worked for several companies in China and Germany. In 2007 she started her PhD at the University of Heidelberg. In her dissertation research  entitled The European perceptions of Japan in 16th and 17th century illustrated travelogues and their reception in the 18th centur, she focuses on visual traditions of illustrations on Asia, Early Modern networks of transcultural exchange, the internal and external perceptions of different cultures, and the depiction of ‘otherness’.