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Dominic Steavu, Dr.


Dominic Steavu, Dr.


  • Assistant Professor, Intellectual History


Über Dominic Steavu

Dominic Steavu joined the Cluster as Assistant Professor of Intellectual History in the Fall of 2009. He obtained a doctoral degree from Stanford University, where he completed a dissertation on "The Three Sovereigns Tradition: Talismans, Elixirs, and Meditation in Early Medieval China." He holds MAs from Stanford and Harvard, and a BA from McGill University. Before taking up his post at Heidelberg, Dominic Steavu spent a year at McGill's Centre for East Asian Research, and three years in Tokyo as a Research Fellow at Tōyō University's Centre for Chinese History and Philosophy, and at the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies.

His areas of specialization include Buddho-Daoist interchange, early Daoism and its connections to Han imperial cults, and Esoteric Buddhism in China and Japan. He is interested in how scientific, technological, or medical developments shaped religious and intellectual histories in early and medieval East Asia. Dominic is currently investigating how objects used in divinatory, alchemical, and therapeutic practices acted as vectors in the circulation of knowledge across social, sectarian, and cultural boundaries.