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Sarah Lüdecke, M.A.



Über Sarah Lüdecke

Sarah Lüdecke studied Modern and Classical Chinese Studies and Political Science at Ruprecht-Karl-University in Heidelberg and at Peking University in Beijing.

In 2008 she worked as a research assistant in the Project A2 "Cultural Flows in History Education: Shifting Re-creations of European and Asian `Others´ in East Asian Schoolbooks". In April 2009 she became a member of the Project A8 "Teaching Identity: Re-shaping the Citizen in Chinese and Japanese Language History Schoolbooks in Manchuria (1931-1945)" at the Carl-Jaspers-Center for Advanced and Cultural Studies. In her research she deals with the relation between history education and national identity in China. The working title of her thesis is "Manchukuo and the question of Chinese national identity. An analysis of Chinese history textbooks from 1930 to 2007".


German, English, French, Chinese


Ausgewählte Publikationen

Lüdecke, Sarah. "Über das Politische in der Schulbuchforschung" in: Eckert. Das Bulletin. Winter 2010. Vol. 8. 24-25.