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Steven Ivings, Dr.


Steven Ivings, Dr.


Über Steven Ivings

Steven Ivings studied BSc & PhD in Economic History at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE – University of London) and an MA in Japanese Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS – University of London).  His PhD thesis examined colonial settlement and migratory labor in Karafuto (Southern Sakhalin) from the years 1905 to 1945. His current research interests include the Japanese empire in comparative perspective, colonial migration, migratory labor markets in northern Japan, Hokkaido in the context of Japanese and global history, whaling, and the sports and leisure industries in East Asia.


PhD London School of Economics, 2014 (Economic History)
MA School of Oriental and African Studies, 2007 (Japanese Studies - Distinction)
BSc London School of Economics, 2006 (Economic History – First Class)

Professional Experience
October 2014 – Present, Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Heidelberg University, Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”
June 2013 – August 2014, Assistant Correspondent for Hokkaido Shimbun
Sept 2012 – August 2014, Graduate Teacher in Department for Economic History
July – Aug 2012, London Olympics Temporary Interpreter & Program Research for TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System)
Mar. 2008 – Mar. 2010, English Instructor, Kensington English, Gifu Japan
Jan. 2008 – Feb. 2010, English Editor for Center for South East Asian Studies, Kyoto University

Ausgewählte Publikationen

PhD Thesis
2014. Colonial Settlement and Migratory Labour in Karafuto 1905-1941 (Available via the following link:; review on dissertation reviews:


Journal Articles / Volume Chapters

Ivings, Steven. (2016) “Recruitment and coercion in Japan’s far north: evidence from colonial Karafuto’s forestry and construction industries, 1910-37”, Labor History Vol. 57 No. 2 (


Ivings, Steven. (Forthcoming) “Settler Colony or Labour Destination? Karafuto as a Japanese Colony 1905-1930,” in Kirchberger, Ulrike. (ed.) Global Diasporas in the Age of High Imperialism, Brill Leiden (expected in late 2016)


Ivings, Steven. (Forthcoming) “Settling the Frontier and Defending the North: Reassessing the role of the Tondenhei in Hokkaido’s Colonial Development”, in Fuess, Harald. (ed.) Global History and the Meiji Restoration (expected in 2017)


Ivings, Steven. (Forthcoming) “The Economic Reintegration of Former Colonial Residents in Postwar Japan,” French, Thomas. (ed.) The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan: New Perspectives, (expected in 2017)


Working Papers
“Guns and Medics for the Rebels: Rethinking the British Role in the Boshin War”

Japan’s Place in the Snow: the Making and Unmaking of Karafuto (Japanese Sakhalin), monograph based on PhD thesis (currently considering publishers)