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Susanne Hohler, M.A.


Susanne Hohler, M.A.


  • Postdoctoral Researcher



since 01/2013 Research Fellow at the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe" at the University of Heidelberg

2012 PhD "Grassroots Fascism. The Sinister Side of Civil Society, Anti-Semitism and Public Opinion in Harbin 1933-1937"

10/2008 - 2012: Ph.D. Candidate at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe” at the University of Heidelberg

2007 - 10/2008: Department of East European History, Heidelberg – Research Assistant

2001 - 2007: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg - Master (Magister) in East European History with minors in Jewish Studies and History of the Middle Ages

2001: University of Economics, Prague -Term abroad program

1998 – 2001: Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - Bachelor in Business

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Edited Volumes

with Frank Grüner, Franziska Schedewie, Raphael Utz et al: Rethinking the russian Revolution of 1905: Transcultural Perspectives, Bloomington: Slavica (forthcoming June 2013)

with Frank Grüner and Sören Urbansky: Borders in Imperial Times: Daily Life and Urbans Spaces in Northeast Asia, Comparative Special Issue 22,5 (2012)


with Frank Grüner, Sören Urbansky and Xin Yuan: "Grenzüberschreitungen und Transkulturelle Prozesse im städtischen  Raum. Der Fall der mandschurischen Stadt Harbin, 1898-1949," Jahrbuch der historischen Forschung (2008): 91-101.

"Kharbinger of Trouble. Anti-German Protest and Power Relations in a Manchurian City 1933, in: Global Challange & Regional Response. Early 20th Century Northeast China and Harbin: Their Social, Cultural, Economic and Political Encounters with the World, ed. Dan BenCanaan, Frank Grüner and Indes Prodöhl, Heidelberg, New York: Springer (forthcoming 2013)

"Radical Right Civil Society after the Revolution of 1905," in: Rethinking the Russian Revolution of 1905: Transcultural Perspectives, ed. Frank, Grüner, Susanne Hohler, Franziska Schedewie et al., Bloomington: Slavica (forthcoming June 2013)

"Go Team Harbin! Sports, Borders and Identity in the 1930s," Comparative Special Issue: Borders in Imperial Times. Daily Life and Urban Spaces in Northeast Asia 22,5 (2012): 60-71.