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Nora Frisch, M.A.



  • (Ph.D. Candidate until March 2010)


Über Nora Frisch


10/2004: PhD student, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg: "Chinese Generation Y Value Shifts in the Reflection of TV Commercials 2005-2008," (working title)

10/2004 - 02/2009: Assistant professor at the University of Heidelberg

11/2003 - 09/2004: 
Foundation of a bilingual primary school in Esslingen/Germany

11/2002 - 05/2003: Text writing in the advertising company Lässing-Müller, Stuttgart

11/2001 - 07/2002: Practical text writing course in the advertising agency Jung von Matt, Stuttgart

12/1997 and 03/1999: Birth of children

09/1989 – 10/1997: Chinese studies (major) and musicology (major), University of Vienna, University of Pedagogy, Taipei/Taiwan and Central Music Conservatory, Beijing, PRC 

Ausgewählte Publikationen

- FRISCH, Nora (1997): The Sounds of the Revolution: Mass-Manipulation by Tactical Use of Propaganda Music During the Cultural Revolution in China (Taking Notice of the Time Since 1949), Vienna. (master thesis)

- FRISCH, Nora (Sept. 2006): "Everyday’s Fantasy Life. The Shaping of Real Identities in the Reflection of an Unreal World," talk given at the 16th EACS Conference (European Association for Chinese Studies), Ljubljana.

- FRISCH, Nora (Sept. 2007): “Coke-Commercials as Doku-Soap. China’s Young Generation’s Search for Identity in the Reflection of Advertising,” talk given at the Early Career Researchers' Conference on East Asian Studies, School of Social and Political Studies University of Edinburgh.

- FRISCH, Nora (Mar. 2008): "INDIVIDUAL GENERATION Y? The Construction of Chinese Youth’s Cultural Identity in the Reflection of Television Advertising," talk given to NIAS (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies), Kopenhagen.

- FRISCH, Nora (August 2008): “Patriotism to Go: Politically Correct China-Image Transfer through Commercial Advertising?” talk given at the 17th EACS Conference (European Association for Chinese Studies), University of Lund.

- FRISCH-HENGSTENBERG, Nora (Nov. 2008), Modern Lei Fengs Wear Nike: Der Held – die Personifizierung des besseren Ich, conference paper, “Rethinking Trends“, Nov. 27-29, KJC, Heidelberg.