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Nicoletta Fazio, M.A.


Nicoletta Fazio, M.A.


  • GPTS Student until September 2012
  • Associate member


Über Nicoletta Fazio

Nicoletta Fazio graduated in Art History in Genoa (Italy) with a thesis on Islamic art titled 'Folks and Demons. The painted world of Ustād Muhammad Siyah Qalam. Paintings from the Topkapı Sarayı Albums H.2153 and H.2160' In 2008 she received her M.A. in Cultural and Intellectual History from the Warburg Institute (London), where she researched on the idea of lovesickness in medieval and Islamic art and literature, analysing the figures of Orlando and Majnun. During her study, she worked as an intern for the Cultural Heritage Office (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage), the City of Genoa Museum Agency, the Warburg Institute Library, and the British Museum (Department of the Middle East).