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Julten Abdelhalim, Dr.rer.pol.


Julten Abdelhalim, Dr.rer.pol.


Über Julten Abdelhalim

Julten Abdelhalim graduated in 2006 from Cairo University (Egypt) in Political Science with a thesis on Egyptian socio-political rejection movements. She received her M.A. in Social Sciences in 2009 from Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg (Germany), where she studied in the Global Studies Programme in Freiburg, Durban and New Delhi. She was awarded the Heinrich Popitz Award for the Best Graduate in Social Sciences at Universität Freiburg. Her thesis was entitled Cosmopolitan Citizens vs. Boat Migrants: Debates on Freedom of Movement and the Right to be Legal. Since 2007 she is appointed as an assistant lecturer in Political Science at Cairo University. She obtained her PhD in political science from Heidelberg University in January 2013.