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Anna Grasskamp, Dr.

Anna Grasskamp, Dr.


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstr. 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg

Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts
CVA Building, Hereford Road 5
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong SAR of China


Über Anna Grasskamp

Anna Grasskamp (PhD, Leiden University) was post-doctoral fellow at Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context at Heidelberg University from 2013 to 2016. Anna is Associate Member of the Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context at Heidelberg University and Research Assistant Professor at Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. In summer 2015 Anna was visiting postdoctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. From February to July 2017 she was fellow of the International Institute of Asian Studies at Leiden University and in August 2017 fellow at Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel.

Anna's research interests include the history of collecting and display as well as material and visual culture studies with a particular focus on artistic exchanges between Europe and China during the early modern period and the twentieth century.

Anna has designed and taught three seminars in the Cluster of Excellence's Transcultural Studies Master Program and contributed to undergraduate teaching at Heidelberg University's Institute of East Asian Art History. Her activities at the Cluster of Excellence also include the co-organization of (and participation in) the conference "Transcultural Framing(s): Materials and Metaphors", October 30 - November 2, 2014, as well as the conceptualization and realization of the conference "EurAsian Objects: Art and Material Culture in Global Exchange, 1600-1800", November 21 - 23, 2014.

Image reproduced with permission by Joe Miletzki



Ph.D., Leiden University, 2013, dissertation: Cultivated Curiosities: A Comparative Study of Chinese Artifacts in European Kunstkammern and European Objects in Chinese Elite Collections

Overview of recent research related activities

Invited Lecture

[presented in Chinese] “框架奇品:三个个案研究” [Framing Rarities: Three Case Studies], National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Art History, March 2015.

Conference and Workshop Presentations

“Nautilus ab Indiis: Shiny Shell Surfaces ´alla Cinese’,” Conference: Objets frontière, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, November 2015.

“Fantastic Supporters: Figurative Elements in Early Modern Kunstkammer Vessels,” Conference: Objektfantasien: Formen & Fiktionen, LMU München, October 2015.

“EurAsian Objects: Material, Visual and Conceptual Frames in Sino-European Art.” Conference: Material and Textual Studies in a Cross-Cultural Context: Chinese History and Beyond, Sun Ya-tsen University, Guangzhou, December 2014.

“Transcultural Margins: Pictorial Framing Strategies in Sino-European Print Culture, 1580-1680.” Conference: Transcultural Framing(s): Materials and Metaphors, Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Heidelberg University, November 2014.

“Asia in Frames: Dutch Window Curators and Public Museum Displays.” Workshop: Visual Arts, Museum Practices and Display, Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Heidelberg University, May 2014.

“Wanted Dead or Alive: Collecting Nature in Ming China.” Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, New York, March 2014.

“Object in (Con)Text: the Places of Chinese Collectibles in Early Kunstkammer Inventories.” Workshop: Interactions in Art: East Asia and Europe, 1600-1800, Academia Sinica, Taipei, December 2013.

“The Parergon in China: Early Modern By-Works in Sino-European Translation.” Conference: FRAMINGS, University of Copenhagen, November 2013.

“China in Your Window Frame: Displaying VOC Commodities in Modern Dutch Private and Public Space.” Horst Gerson Lecture Program, Groningen, November 2013.

“Objects of Appropriation: The Visual and Material Re-Framing of Artifacts in Sino-European Exchange.” Deutscher Orientalistentag, Münster, September 2013.

Roundtable Organization and Contributions

Contributor, roundtable on Chinese art in the museum, Leiden University, November 2015.

Organizer, roundtable Peripatetic Objects and Transcultural Renaissances at Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, Berlin, March 2015.

Contributor, roundtable Art in Exile: Global Modalities of Art Production, Display and Appropriation, Leiden University, December 2014.

Co-Organizer (with Prof. Melanie Trede) and contributor, roundtable Transcultural Framings in Art History: Material, Display, Translation, European Association of Asian Art and Archeology Meeting, Olomouc, September 2014.

Ausgewählte Publikationen

"Spirals and Shells: Breasted Vessels in Sixteenth-Century Nuremberg," Res: Anthropology and aesthetics 67-68 (2016/2017): 146-163.

"EurAsian Layers: Netherlandish Surfaces and Early Modern Chinese Artefacts," Rijksmuseum Bulletin 63 (4) 2015: 363-398.

"Asia in Your Window Frame: Museum Displays, Window Curators and Dutch-Asian Material Culture," World Art 5 (2) 2015: 223-248. Anna Grasskamp (first author), Annette Löseke (second author).

“Metamorphose in Rot: Die Inszenierung von Korallenfragmenten in Kunstkammern des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts,” Tierstudien 4, theme issue Metamorphosen, 2013: 13-23.

“Frames of Appropriation: Foreign Artifacts on Display in Early Modern Europe and China,” in Qing Encounters: Artistic Exchanges between China and the West, eds Petra ten Doesschate Chu and Ding Ning (Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2015), 29-42.

“Transcultural Margins: Pictorial Framing Strategies in Sino-European Print Culture, 1580-1680,” in FRAMINGS, eds Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Slavko Kacunko and Hans Körner (Berlin: Logos Verlag, 2015), 421-44.

“框架自然:從清宮中的三件珊瑚藝品論起 [Framing ‘Nature’: Three Coral Objects from the Qing Imperial Collections in Context],” Gugong Wenwu Yuekan 399 (June 2016): 108-117.

“We Call Them ‘Ginger Jars’: European Re-framings of Chinese Ceramic Containers,” Vormen uit Vuur 232 (3) 2016: 64-71. Co-authored by Wu Wen-ting.

“Framing ‘Asia’: Results from a Visitor Study at the Rijksmuseum’s Asian Pavilion,” Aziatische Kunst 44 (2) 2014: 49-55. Annette Löseke (first author), Anna Grasskamp (second author).

“Hungry Ghosts meet Ming Bling: Re-Framing 50 Years in the Life of an Empire,” International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter 70, 2015: 42. [Exhibition review]