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Hyojin Lee


Hyojin Lee


  • Lecturer


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 114
69115 Heidelberg



Ph.D., Department of East Asian Culture, Kansai University, Japan(2015)

M.S., Department of Cultural Interaction Studies in East Asia, Kansai University, Japan(2012)

B.S., Department of Korean Language & Literature, (Second Major: Department of Philosophy), Yeongnam Univerisity, Republic of Korea(2009)



Ausgewählte Publikationen


Hyojin Lee, The Study of Korean Confucianism in Keijō Imperial University: formation and Development of Modern Knowledge,  Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan (March 2016)『京城帝国大学の韓国儒教研究――「近代知」の形成と展開』(In Japanese, 362pages)

Volume Chapters/Journal Articles 

Hyojin Lee, “Fujitsuka Chikashi’s The Understanding of Korean Confucianism”, Seung-hue Son&Guowei Shen&Xuetao Li edit, East Asia and world (『東亜与世界』), Social sciences academic press(China), March 2015, pp. 239-248. (In Japanese)

“A Research on the Academic Activities about Korean Confucianism in Keijo Imperial University,” Journal of East Asian Cultural Interaction Studies, Vol. 8, March, 2015, pp.181-196. (In Japanese)

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“Evaluations of Kim Jeong-hui in Modern Japan and Korea,” Journal of East Asian Cultural Interaction Studies, Vol. 7, March 2014, pp.289-303. (In Japanese)

“Takahashi Toru’s Korean Studies: Focusing on Studying Confucianism, Buddhism, and Literature”, Toigyehak-longip, Vol.12, June 2013, pp.161-196. (In Japanese)

Jae-mok, Choi and Hyojin, Lee “The 7th Controversy on Newspaper 7 of Chang, Ji-Yeon and Takahashi Tōru,” Japanese Cultural Studies, Vol.32, The Association of Japanology in East Asia. October 2009, pp. 515-548. (In Korean)