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Matthias Arnold, M.A.


Matthias Arnold, M.A.


  • Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA)


Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 400.00.04
69115 Heidelberg


+49 (0) 6221 54 4094
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since 10/2008: Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) 

10/2007 - 09/2008: “Visual database of Chinese characters engraved in Shandong, China”, in cooperation with the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. Research grant (2 years), Funded by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, Taipei. 

04/2007 - 10/2007: Digital resources (TLS, databases), Institute of Chinese Studies 

05/2005 - 09/2008: IT-department Institute of Chinese Studies, Center of Asian Studies, Heidelberg University, since 2006 IT-department of the Center of East Asian Studies (ZO). Permanent post (currently on leave).  

05/2005 - 07/2006: Buddhist Stone Scripture in China, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. Funded by the German Research Foundation   

04/2002 - 04/2005: Preparations for an online course “Digital Resources for Chinese Studies”, co-funded by the Ministry of Education, Baden Württemberg;
Member Team, European Center for Digital Resources in Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University. Funded by the Alfried-Krupp Foundation.  

2002 - 2004: Project consultant, Historical Inscriptions at Cloud Dwelling Monastery. Supported by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation.

08/2001 - 01/2002: Project manager and programmer, CD-ROM: CESAR Lesen 1.1. CES Verlag (Computer Education Systems publishing house), Heidelberg, 2002.  

05/1999 - 07/2001: Media designer/programmer, Cyperfection agentur für neue medien GmbH, (New media agency, Ltd.) Ludwigshafen: CD-ROM, databases, video, shockwave, flash, animation, sound, graphics  

Since 2003: M.A.
studied at Halle, Berlin, Taipei, Karlsruhe and Heidelberg, graduated 2003: East Asian Art History (major), Classical Chinese and European Art History
MA-thesis: "<Schätze für Zhao Mo. Das Königsgrab von Nan Yue>. A case study on implementing multimedia-elements in art-historical projects". M.A. thesis (East Asian Art History, Prof. Ledderose) and CD-ROM Project.
Published at ART-Dok:

Ausgewählte Publikationen

ORCID: 0000-0003-0876-6177
For more publications and talks please see the full list.

Arnold, Matthias, Hans Martin Krämer, Hanno Lecher, Jan Scholz, Max Stille und Sebastian Vogt. „Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Videoannotation mit - Forschung, Lehre und institutionelles Repositorium.“ In: Bilddaten in den digitalen Geisteswissenschaften. Hg. von Philipp Hegel und Canan Hastik. Harassowitz, 2020. (in press)

Arnold, Matthias und Lena Hessel. “Transforming data silos into knowledge: Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO).” In: E-Science-Tage 2019: Data to Knowledge. Hg. von Fabian Gebhard und Vincent Heuveline. Heidelberg Univ. Press, 2020. (in press) Pre-print DOI: 10.11588/heidok.00027325

Volkmann, Armin, Matthias Arnold, Eric Decker. "Digital Humanities Strategies in Transcultural Studies." Working paper. [Working Papers Digital Humanities at Heidelberg University.] Heidelberg, 2017. DOI: 10.11588/heidok.00023729

Wübbena, Thorsten, Eric Decker, Matthias Arnold. „»Losing My Religion« – Einsatz der Videoannotationsdatenbank in der kunstgeschichtlichen Analyse von Musikvideos.“ In: Grenzen und Möglichkeiten der Digital Humanities. Hg. von Constanze Baum / Thomas Stäcker. 2015 (= Sonderband der Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften, 1). DOI: 10.17175/sb001_018.

Löbel, Jens-Martin, Heinz-Günther Kuper, Matthias Arnold, and Eric Decker. "Hachiman Digital Handscrolls: Semantische Anreicherung mit Hyperimage und Yenda." In Bienert, Andreas und Santos, Pedro (Hrsg.): Konferenzband EVA Berlin 2014. Elektronische Medien & Kunst, Kultur und Historie: 21. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie: Electronic Media and Visual Arts, Heidelberg:, 2016 (2014) (EVA Berlin, Band 21) DOI 10.11588/arthistoricum.152.192, 262-267. ARThistorikum.

Sung, Doris, Liying Sun and Matthias Arnold. “The Birth of a Database of Historical Periodicals: Chinese Women’s Magazines in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period.” In Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 33, no. 2 (2014): pp. 227-37. Online Version (Project MUSE).

Frank, Anette, Dustin Heckmann, Matthias Arnold, Peter Gietz and Christian Roth. "Citation Segmentation from Sparse & Noisy Data: An Unsupervised Joint Inference Approach with Markov Logic Networks." In Digital Scholarship in the Humanities Advance Access, pp. 1-24, published December 8, 2014. DOI: 10.1093/llc/fqu061.

Sun, Liying and Matthias Arnold. “TS Tools: How to design a database of historical periodicals.” TS: Tijdschrift voor Tijdschriftstudies (Periodical for Periodical Studies), July 2013: pp. 73-78. DOI: 10.18352/ts.268.

Monroy, Antonio, Tobias Kröger, Matthias Arnold and Björn Ommer. “Parametric Object Detection for Iconographic Analysis.” Submitted to Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage proceedings, July 07 - 09, 2011 in August 2011. Online version.

Arnold, Matthias, Konrad Berner, Peter Gietz, Kilian Schultes and Roland Wenzlhuemer. „GeoTwain: Geospatial analysis and visualization for researchers of transculturality.” In Workshop "Geospatial computing for the arts, humanities and cultural heritage," 5th IEEE International Conference on E-Science, Oxford, 9-11 Dec, 2009, pp. 175-179. DOI: 10.1109/ESCIW.2009.5407969.

Arnold, Matthias. „雲居寺の碑文——CD-ROMのための準備作業” (Historical Inscriptions at Cloud Dwelling Monastery: Preparations for a CD-ROM). In 漢字文化研究年表 (Journal of the study of Kanji Culture), vol. 1 (2006.03), pp. 88-95.

Arnold, Matthias. „Historical Inscriptions at Cloud Dwelling Monastery: Preparations for a CD-ROM.” In Toward an Overall Inheritance and Development of Kanji Culture: Proceedings of the Symposium “Religions in Chinese Script - Perspectives for Textual Research”. Institute for Research in Humanities: Kyoto, 2004, pp. 389-396.

Arnold, Matthias. „'Schätze für Zhao Mo. Das Königsgrab von Nan Yue'. A case study on implementing multimedia-elements in art-historical projects.” M.A. thesis (East Asian Art History, Prof. Ledderose) and CD-ROM Project, 2002. DOI: 10.11588/artdok.00000040. Published at ART-Dok.

For more publications please see the full list.

Talks and Presentations

12/2019 "Layers von (Meta-)Daten bei ‚Early Chinese Periodicals Online‘: Wege zur Öffnung eines Daten-Silos." Presentation to the IT working group, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Heidelberg, December 04, 2019.
11/2019 "Data Levels in Early Chinese Periodicals Online: Approaches to Opening a Data Collection." Paper presented at the Workshop Digital Humanities in Asian and East Asian Studies, Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg, November 22-23, 2019. Programme.

11/2019 “Wege zur Erschließung der frühen chinesischen Presse.” Paper presented at the Workshop OCR - Herausforderungen und Lösungen für Zeitungen & Zeitschriften, organised by the DHd AG Zeitungen & Zeitschriften, Frankfurt/Main, November 11, 2019. program.

07/2019 “Ein Projekt nach dem Projekt. Der Turkologische Anzeiger Online.” Paper presented at the DH-workshop organized by the initiative Methods and Applications in digital humanities | Heidelberg (MAd|hD), Heidelberg, July 30, 2019.

07/2019 “Annotation of audio-visual data.” Half-day workshop at the 2nd Heidelberg Computational Humanities School (HCH19), Heidelberg, July 15-19, 2019. (Together with Sebastian Vogt) abstract and slides.

07/2019 “Multilingual research projects: Challenges (and possible solutions) for making use of standards, authority files, and character recognition.” Paper presented at the full-day workshop Towards multilingualism in Digital Humanities: Achievements, failures and good practices in DH Projects with non-latin scripts (NLS), organized by Cosima Wagner and Martin Lee. ADHO DH2019 conference, Utrecht, 2019-07-08. Workshop exposé

03/2019 "Transforming data silos into knowledge: Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO)." Paper presentated at the E-Science-Days 2019, Heidelberg, March 29, 2019. (Together with Lena Hessel) slides

03/2019 "The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP) and the Digital Archive of Nepalese Arts and Monuments (DANAM)." Poster presentation at the E-Science-Days 2019, Heidelberg, March 28, 2019. (Together with Ina Buchholz)

03/2019 "OpenDACHS. A Citation Repository for the Sustainable Archiving of Cited Online Sources." Poster presentation at the E-Science-Days 2019, Heidelberg, March 28, 2019. (Together with Hanno Lecher and Sebastian Vogt)

03/2019 "The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP) - a first introduction". Presentation to the IT working group, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Heidelberg, 06 March, 2019.

10/2018 “Republikzeitliche chinesische Presse – Crowdsourcing und andere Wege in Richtung Volltext”. Vortrag auf dem Challenge Workshop Herausforderungen bei der Analyse von alten Schriften im digitalen Zeitalter (HAASDZ18), Heidelberg, 29./30.  Oktober 2018. slides, conference

09/2018 “Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO): From Digitization towards Open Data”. Presentation at The Eighth Conference of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JADH2018) "Leveraging Open data", Tokyo, September 9-11, 2018. slides

07/2018 “A Citation Repository in the making: First introduction to ‘OpenDACHS’”. Presentation to Members of the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS), July 24, 2018. (Together with Hanno Lecher and Sebastian Vogt)

07/2018 “(Projekt)Ende gut – Alles gut? Benutzbarkeit – Verfügbarhaltung – Archivierung”. Vortrag gehalten auf der Veranstaltung Runder Tisch zur Langzeitarchivierung, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, 13. Juli 2018. slides, conference

06/2018 „A Corpus of Chinese Comic Books: Database, Metadata, and Visual Object Recognition.“ Workshop Comics Annotation: Designing Common Frameworks for Empirical Research, Potsdam, June 18, 2018. slides, workshop

06/2018 „Die Heidelberg Research Architecture.“ Vortrag im Rahmen des Seminars Einführung in die Digital Humanities, Dozentin S. Tittel, Heidelberg, 15. und 23. Juni 2018.

05/2018 „Die Erschließung eines vielsprachigen bibliographischen Korpus: Der Turkologische Anzeiger online.” Vortrag in der Reihe Interdisziplinäres Forum digitaler Textwissenschaften (InFoDiTex), Heidelberg, 8. Mai 2018. slides, lecture series

For more talks please see the full list.

Other / Databases

03/2016 “Connecting to the world of Linked Open Data through the VRA Core RDF Ontology”. Poster presented together with Trish Rose-Sandler, and Jeff Mixter at the ARLIS/NA + VRA 3rd Joint Conference 2016, Seattle, WA, March 8-12, 2016.

03/2016 Online tool The VRA Core 4 XML Transform Tool. Coordination: Matthias Arnold, programming: Matthias Guth.

02/2016 Online Database: Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO). Coordination: Barbara Mittler, Sun Liying, Matthias Arnold.

03/2014 Online tool Ziziphus - An Online Editor for VRA Core 4 XML Metadata. Coordination: Matthias Arnold, Programming: Tobi Krebs.

07/2012 “Collaborative Video and Image Annotation.” Poster presentation at the Digital Humanities 2012 conference, Hamburg, July 16-21. (Together with Eric Decker and Cornelia Knab.) Abstract.

03/2011 Online Database: Turkology Annual Online. Coordination:Peter Gietz, Anette Frank, Matthias Arnold, Christian Roth.

10/2010. "A new Mirror of Kāśī". Interactive presentation of "Kailāsanātha Sukula's Mirror of Kāśī" (Kāśīdarpaṇa, 1876). A Historical Map of Vārāṇasī based on the Kāśīkhaṇḍa and related Texts” using the HyperImage software. Coordination: Jörg Gengnagel. Website.

08/2010. Online database: Chinese Women's Magazines in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period. Coordination: Barbara Mittler, Matthias Arnold, Peter Gietz 

07/2010. Online database: Chinese Entertainment Newspapers. Coordination: Catherine V. Yeh

12/2008. „Archiving Mothers and Fathers of the Nation in Europe and Asia. Developing a Digitized Prototype of Braided Pictorial Histories“, Online Exhibition of the HRA 2 Pilot Project, Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe in a Global Context', University of Heidelberg. Christiane Brosius, Barbara Mittler, Sumathi Ramaswamy and Thomas Maissen, supported by Cathrine Bublatzky, Eric Decker, Sebastian Gehrig, Michael Mohr, and Matthias Arnold. 

Workshops and teaching

12/2016 “The Chinese Comics Database.” Vortrag im Seminar der Ostasiatischen Kunstgeschichte, Veranstaltungsreihe Grafische Kunst unter dem Banner der Partei? Chinesische Comics: Entwicklung und Perspektiven, Chair: Andreas Seifert, December 15, 2016.

11/2016 “Annotating Pilgrimage Maps of Banaras: A Digital Approach.” Workshop: Current Trends and Ongoing Projects in Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities, University of Würzburg, Chair of Indology, Nov. 17, 2016. (Together with Jörg Gengnagel and Eric Decker.)

06/2016 “Digital Humanities Projects of the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA).” Workshop with members of the HERA “Single” Project, CIS-India, and the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology, Heidelberg, June 16, 2016.

12/2015 Gemeinsamer Workshop DH Lab Basel und HRA Heidelberg, Universität Basel, 16.12.2015.

11/2015 “Die Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) und das Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO) Projekt.” Workshop zur Vorstellung der Transkulturellen Studien und der Ostasienwissenschaften für Oberschüler, Heidelberg, 27.11.2015.

07/2015 “Introduction to Heidelberg Research Architecture Infrastructure (Tamboti - Ziziphus - Wiki) and class-room use cases.” Heidelberg Research Architecture and the Academia Sinica Digital Center – a Workshop, Heidelberg, July 20-21, 2015. (Together with Eric Decker.)

07/2015 “Introduction to Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO).” "Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) meets Academia Sinica Digital Center (ASDC) – a Workshop”, Heidelberg, July 20-21, 2015.

06/2015 “Possible directions for future expansion of the ECPO databases.” Workshop 「數位時代下的近代中國婦女史研究」國際學術研討會, Academia Sinica, Taipei, June 26, 2015.

06/2014 “Research annotation of digital images in HRA projects.” Round table Annotation of Digital Media, Heidelberg, 5.-6.6.2014.

05/2014 “Hands-on introduction: Chinese Women’s Magazines in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period.”  Berkshire Conference on Women's History, “Histories on the Edge” – Digital Lab, Toronto, May 25, 2014.

04/2014 HRA Workshop with HERA Single Project

SoSe 2013 „Ethnografische Fotografie in Asien und Europa - Ein transkultureller Ansatz” (C. Bublatzky) with exhibition at Kunstverein Heidelberg; „Urban Anthropology“ (R. Gerritsen); „Popular Culture“(R. Gerritsen) – Teaching blocks, HRA introductions, Hands-on workshops (Ziziphus, Tamboti, Wiki), technical supervision and student support.

WiSe 2012 HRA Introductions to the Cluster’s Research Areas (with Eric Decker).

2012 about 10 regular workshops for intensive editing metadata for Priya Paul Collection

12/2011 “Introduction to the HRA.” Class with GPTS students, Heidelberg, December 08, 2011.

WiSe 2009 “Heidelberg Digital Resources – With a Focus on East Asia,” Classes with GPTS students.

06/2009 “Datenbanken im Cluster Asia and Europe mit Bezug zu den Ostasienwissenschaften.” Class with GPTS students, June 3, 2009. (Together with Jens Petersen.)

06/2009 "Linking and annotating parts of images." Second HyperImage Workshop, Heidelberg, 9.6.2009. announcement

02/2009 "Interlinking and annotating (parts of) images - Making use of HyperImage". Workshop at the Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe“, Heidelberg, 9.2.2009.

06/2008 „Standards, Tagging und XML – Ein Beispiel aus der Praxis“. Historisches Seminar, Kurs „Geschichte und Medien“, 10.6.2008, Dr. Schultes.

06/2008 „Chinesische Datenbanken bei CrossAsia”. Workshop der Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Ost- und Südostasien, Heidelberg, 4.6.2008.

05/2008 „Die Datenbanken im Institut für Sinologie“. Hilfsmittelkurs Modernes Chinesisch, 29.5.2008, Prof. Mittler.

08/2004 „Modern China Digital Resources: A hands-on workshop.” 3-day Workshop at the European Center for Digital Resources in Chinese Studies, Heidelberg.

SoSe 2004 „Traditional and Digital Resources for the Study of Pre-Modern China - Hilfsmittelkurs Klassisches Chinesisch” (together with Michael Lüdke).

10/2003 „Digital Resources on Premodern China: A hands-on workshop.” 3-day Workshop at the European Center for Digital Resources in Chinese Studies, Heidelberg.

04/2003 „Modern China Digital Resources: A hands-on workshop.” 3-day Workshop at the European Center for Digital Resources in Chinese Studies, Heidelberg.

04/2003 „Modern China Databases", "Premodern China Databases" Halfday workshops on new databases at, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg.

05/2000 „’City of Dead Poets - with selected poems of Yang Lian’. A multimedia-CD-ROM by Chiho Hoshino.” Workshop with students of the Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg at Cyperfection agentur für neue medien mbH, Ludwigshafen. Together with Andrea Riemenschnitter.

HRA Workshop-weeks

02/2014 Introduction to the HRA; Scanning Texts and OCR; Scanning Images and Descreening; Annotating Images (Ziziphus, HeidICON); Workflow Photographieren im Archiv; Basic Image Management (Picasa, Bridge, Lightroom); Photoshop Basics; Photoshop Advanced

02/2013 Introduction MediaLab; Workflow Photographieren im Archiv; Scanning and descreening; Optical Character Recognition; Project Slam; Photoshop Basics; Photoshop Advanced; Ziziphus, HeidIcon and image-metadata

02/2012 Introduction MediaLab; Scanning and descreening; Optical Character Recognition; HeidIcon, Image-DB and image-metadata; Photoshop Basics; Photoshop Advanced; InDesign Basics; Tools for Visualisation and presentation of results

02/2011 Introduction MediaLab; Photoshop basics; Photoshop – advanced; Scanning and descreening; InDesign basics; InDesign - Möglichkeiten der Postergestaltung; Visualisierung und Präsentation von Ergebnissen; HeidICON - Image metadata and changes in the new version; Optical Character Recognition

08/2010 Introduction MediaLab; HeidICON - Image metadata and changes in the new version; Photoshop basics; Photoshop advanced; Scanning and descreening; OCR - basic workflows; OCR advanced - Abbyy FineReader

11/2009 Hands-on text digitisation and OCR; Image database HeidIcon and image analysis tool HyperImage; Digitisation of visual resources