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Walking the line – Art of border zones in times of crisis

Summer School 2015 - Programme

Tentative Programme Summer School 2015

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The summer school provides a unique opportunity for learning through participant-oriented discussions and a hands-on approach to writing. Individual lectures by scholars, curators and artists, in combination with plenary forums and interactive afternoon sessions consisting of guided groupwork, have been programmed following the structure of the Themes. During the summer school, participants will have chance to discuss posters of their research with scholars and professionals from the University of Heidelberg and outside, and each participant will also develop a visual essay that is relevant to his/her research as a learning outcome.


Participants can look forward to the following list of lectures and conversations:

Monday, July 27, 5.00 PM

Keynote Lecture by Dr. Iftikhar Dadi (Cornell University):

"Artistic Responses to Partitions: The Lines of Control Project

Chaired by Prof. Monica Juneja

This paper will examine contemporary artists’ responses to displacements of the present era, and how these coerced circulations have engendered new artistic imaginaries. It outlines how the exhibition-led inquiry, Lines of Control: Partition as a Productive Space (2012 and 2013) has investigated remainders of partitions, exclusions of the modern nation-state, continued impact of colonization, physical and psychic violence of displacement, dilemmas of identity and belonging, and questions of commemoration.


Monday, July 27, AM

Section I         Partitions: Controls and Dislocations

Chaired by Prof. Henry Keazor

Lecture by Dr. Eckhart Gillen: “The walls of utopia and the fall of the wall”

Lecture by Franziska Koch: “Noh Suntag: Tracing lines of the Korean partition”

Response by Oliver Sukrow


Tuesday, July 28, AM

Section II        Open up – close down: Art and Civil Society

Chaired by Prof. Christiane Brosius

Lecture by Prof. Raminder Kaur Kahlon: “The Censor Chakar and the Nirbhaya Effect in Creative Outlets”                            

Lecture by Chitra Venkataramani: “Plans, visions, and participatory publics”

Response by Cathrine Bublatzky


Wednesday, July 29, AM

Section III       Memory and the Re-Turns of Trauma

Chaired by Prof. Iftikhar Dadi

Lecture by Dr. Friederike Wappler: “Repetition and the return of the real. Traces of trauma in artistic practices in the visual arts since the 1960s"

Lecture by Prof. Patricia Spyer: "Reel Accidents: Screening the Ummah under Siege in Wartime Maluku"

Response by Dr. Karin Polit


Thursday July 30, 5.30 PM

Artist-in-Conversation: Astrid S. Klein 

(with Isabel Ching, in collaboration with the Heidelberger Kunstverein)

Artist Astrid S. Klein will discuss with us her project, a multilingual online platform where authors from the Global South and Global North foster a space of agency through collaborative exchange. The project arose through artistic research conducted in Germany and former colony Cameroon in 2013–14, which is now being continued transnationally.

Klein's presentation will coincide with her solo exhibition "DISPARAÎTRE DANS LA NATURE - to decamp, to desert, to evaporate - das Weite suchen, verduften" at the Heidelberger Kunstverein (HDKV) from 10.07.2015- 06.09.2015. The show at the HDKV gives insight into her entangled work from 2005 to-date, with live events with international guests on 10.07-12.07.2015. and 4.09.-6.09.2015.

Follow these links to read the abstracts of the lectures and the short biographies of speakers, chairs and respondents/discussants.

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