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Thesis Registration

Please register your MA-thesis with the GPA (Gemeinsames Prüfungsamt = examination office of the Philosophical Faculty and the Faculty of Modern Languages). The GPA is located at Voßstraße 2, building 37 close to the HCTS (literally around the corner).

The opening hours of the GPA are Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm (noon) (subject to changes – please see the link below). In case of questions please contact the GPA by email ( or by phone (+49 (0) 6221/543481). For further information about the GPA see:


Please be aware:

To register for your master’s thesis you must have completed the course work of the first three terms (according to the description of modules). Please note that according to §18,6 (respectively §18,4 of the old Terms and Regulations of Examination) of the Terms and Regulations of Examination, you must register for your thesis within two weeks of having received your last course credits and grade. As the M.A. Transcultural Studies is a two-year programme, this should fall into April of your last study year. To be eligible to register you furthermore have to be enrolled as full-time student in the MATS and not have forfeited your right to be examined in the discipline.  

Furthermore, the five-month period for writing your MA-thesis starts as soon as the first MA-thesis supervisor’s signs the registration form (inside the binding two week period). To download all information about the procedure how to register your MA-thesis  as well as the MA-thesis registration form which you submit to the GPA filled see: