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Fachrat (Study Programme Council)

The Study Programme Council, the "Fachrat", consists of representatives of all status groups involved in a given study programme, i.e. professors, mid-level faculty ("Mittelbau"), adminstration and students.

The responsibilities of the Fachrat are:

  • to adapt Terms and Regulations of Admission and Exam as well as the "Modulhandbuch" (overview of modules) if necessary;
  • to plan and monitor the course offering;
  • to allocate available funds e.g. for teaching assignments;
  • to inform the students and faculty of its decisions.

The Fachrat meets at least once a term. The minutes to these meetings are provided below.

Members of the MATS Fachrat

Representatives Professors ("Hochschullehrer")

Representatives Mid-Level Faculty ("Akademischer Mittelbau")

Representatives Administration ("Verwaltung")

Representatives Students" ("Studierende")

  • Michal Chabinski
  • Emily Tsui
  • Benedikt Wirth




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