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Doctoral Project

From Jingdezhen to Dresden: Transcultural Flows of Chinese Export Porcelain 17th to 18th Century
Feng He (M.A.)

Transcultural study of Asia and Europe has been a productive field of scholarship for the last decade. Relevant researches have been conducted in the field of Chinese export porcelain in 17th and 18th century. However, the Dresden State Art Collection (SKD), a museum famous for its collection of more than 24,000 pieces of Chinese porcelain, is yet to be fully studied.

This research project consists of four parts. It will systematically investigate the motifs on Chinese export porcelain in Dresden collection, the majority of which are produced in Jingdezhen in late Ming and Early Qing Dynasty, analyse the iconography and idea beyond motifs. With the symbolic meanings and origins of motifs thoroughly understood, the project will continue to examine the models of narrative patterns on porcelain, strives to find out the trans-media flows of motifs, contribute to the methodology of porcelain study, and come up with theoretical innovation of “meta-porcelain”.

With the knowledge of Chinese traditional narrative patterns, the research will look into the transcultural impact from Jingdezhen porcelain to Meissen porcelain, especially for the narrative patterns on Chinoiserie ceramics, to learn about how narrative patterns are transferred between different cultures and various media. In the meanwhile, an investigation of collecting strategy and collection system of August the Strong will be conducted, in order to find out the role of August, as well as his porcelain collection, in the art market of early modern Europe and Asia.