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GPTS-2 (2009-2012)

Eine zweite Gruppe von 16 Doktorand/innen wurde im Juni 2009 für das GPTS ausgewählt. Sie haben ihre Forschungsarbeit am Cluster im Oktober 2009 begonnen und das Programm im Herbst 2012 abgeschlossen.

Abdelhalim, Julten
Indian Muslims and Alternative Conceptions of Citizenship

Ashraf, Mohammad
Transnational Industrialisation and Formation of Stress amongst the Female Factory Workers in Bangladesh

Chattopadhyay, Dhrupadi
Of Myths and Memories: The Christian Convert Literature of Nineteenth Century Bengal

Chaudhuri, Bidisha
International Organisations and Good Governance: A Case Study of E-Governance in India

Fazio, Nicoletta
The Beast within? Madness and Mysticism in Islamic and European Lands, XIV-XVII Centuries

Herrmann, Birte
Nonviolence – a Migrating Concept? The Chinese Students' Protests of 1989 in a Transcultural Perspective

Karagöl, Jessica
Global Flows of News and Media in the 19th Century: How the Telegraph Influenced News and Reporting in Great Britain

Kern, Patrizia
'Framing the Nation' - Museums and Memory Politics in Contemporary Turkey

König, Lionel
'Cultural Citizenship' and the Politics of Censorship in Post-Colonial India: Towards a (Trans-)Cultural, Media-Generated Construction of Citizen Identity

Li, Hsin-yi
Studying Abroad as a Form of Transcultural Practice: A Case of East Asian Students of Music in Germany

Nowoitnick, Jule
On the Literary Historicisation of Chinggis Khaan

Ohlberg, Mareike
Overcoming Asymmetry: Managing Sophisticated Propaganda and Information Flows in 21st Century China

Radtke, Oliver
Chinglish – Communicating with the World?

Sander, Marie
A New Cosmopolitan Elite? An Ethnographic Study of Privileged Western Youth in Shanghai

Terada, Kuniyuki
International Order and Immigration Problems: Transcultural Discourse on International Migration, 1919-1945

Zhu, Yujie
Asymmetrical Cultural Flows in Defining Authenticity in the Context of Global Tourism: Heritage Conservation in World Heritage Site Old Town of Lijiang, China