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GPTS-1 (2008-2011)

Im Juni 2008 hat das Graduiertenprogramm für Transkulturelle Studien (GPTS) eine erste Gruppe von 13 Doktorand/innen aufgenommen, die im Rahmen des Clusters ihre Dissertationsprojekte durchführen. Sie haben ihre Forschungsarbeit im Oktober 2008 begonnen und das GPTS im Herbst 2011 abgeschlossen.

Baghel, Ravi

Modernization Be Dammed: Resistance to Large Dams as a Contestation of the National Imaginary in India and China

Bechler, Silke
The Vedic Sacrifice (homa) in Transcultural Public Sphere

Caviglia, Lisa

Prostitution in Nepal and North-Eastern India: Discourses around Gender, Self-Perception and Sexuality

Cyranski, Christoph

Āyurveda – Medical System or Wellness/New Age Commodity?

Practice, Images, and Processes of ‘Cultural Translation’ in an Āyurvedic Health Resort in Kerala, South India

Leylek, Yasemin

Open Spaces in Minoan Culture. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Public Spheres and Social Interaction in Bronze Age Crete

Liehr, Matthias

Eco-literature, environmental activists, and the Green Public Sphere in China

Nan, Haifen

The Internet and the Public Sphere in the Era of Convergence: an Ethnographic Case Study of Chinese Diasporic Media in Germany

Padmanabhan, Sridevi

The Changing Usage of Mobile Technology in India and its Impact on Social Identity

Pauli, Markus

The Power of Individual Freedom as a Concept and Practice in Development - Operationalization of the Capability Approach for Assessing the Impact of Poverty-Oriented Microfinance in India

Saikawa, Takashi
"Asia" in the League of Cultures: International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation, Japan and China (1919-1946)

Tontini, Roberta
The Arabian Classic of the Three Characters: A Neo-Confucian Handbook for Chinese Muslim children

Wu, I-Wei
Discrepancy, Identification and Reform: Satirical Pictures in Shanghai Pictorials (1884-1920)

Zhang, Eva
European Perceptions of Japan in 16th and 17th Century Illustrated Travelogues and their Reception in the 19th Century