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The MediaLab is open weekdays from 9:00-18:30. Three workstations provide cluster members with professional soft- and hardware. For more details on reservation, trainings and equipment please visit the MediaLab site in Sharepoint.

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Visit the film page to view portraits, talks and film projects produced at the Cluster.

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Note: This page is not maintained anymore. For current information about the Heidelberg Research Architecture please go to


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The Heidelberg Research Architecture

Under the umbrella of the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA), IT scientists, software developers, database architects, academically trained professionals in e-learning as well as IT support staff collaborate with researchers and students at the Cluster to form an integrated digital humanities environment for interdisciplinary and internationally distributed studies of transcultural dynamics.

The HRA's agenda thus covers the entire range from developing sophisticated metadata frameworks for making transcultural relations traceable and analyzable across diverse media types (texts, images, films, audio) and disparate objects (texts, concepts, social networks) to offering IT support for the Karl Jaspers Centre.

NOTE: the HRA website is currently being re-organized. Please follow this link to the new web presentation, at

Chinese Entertainment Newspapers

Screenshot showing the startpage of the Chinese Entertainment Newspapers Database

This database focuses on a special type of newspaper known as the xiaobao or entertainment newspaper. It first appeared in China in the 1890s and was inspired by Western entertainment tabloids. The...

Chinese Comics Database

The focus of our digitization project is on comics from the second half of the Cultural Revolution and immediately thereafter, the heyday of comic production in the xiaorenshu format which,...


LONSEA presents a vast panorama of people, organisations and associations working in international contexts, including details about their activities, conferences, topics and publications. It is the...

Video Annotation Database

The Video Annotation Database allows multiple researchers to annotate scenes within videos. Annotated parts can easily be interlinked to other resources with hyperlinks. The system provides a basic...

Abou Naddara Collection

Main page of the website

This website offers the complete newspaper series published by the Egyptian nationalist James Sanua (يعقوب صنوع, 1839-1912) from 1878 to 1910. In addition, formerly unpublished manuscripts by the...

Encyclopedia Database

The Encyclopedia Database arose from Project D11, "Hidden Grammars of Transculturality - Migration of Encyclopaedic Knowledge and Power". The purpose of the Encyclopedia Database is to...

WSC Database – Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies

Bibliographical, biographical and terminological database on the distribution of Western Knowledge in Late Imperial China.

Thesaurus Linguae Sericae (TLS)

TLS is the first synonym dictionary of classical Chinese in any Western language. TLS focusses on the history of the distinctive semantic nuances of the vocabulary of classical Chinese.TLS allows...

Tamboti - Metadata Framework

Tamboti is the Excellence Cluster's main collection ecosystem and metadata framework. It was developed by the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) and allows users to create, organize, share and...

A New Mirror of Kāśī

A new Mirror of Kāśī is a representation of Kailāsanātha Sukula'shistorical map Kāśīdarpaṇa (1876) created with the image annotation system HyperImage.

Chinese Women's Magazines from the Late Qing and Early Republican Periods

This database offers unique access to four Chinese women's magazines from the first half of the 20th century. It records comprehensive data (in English as well as Chinese) on the contents these...

Turkology Annual Online

Screenshot from Turkology Online showing search results.

The "Turkologischer Anzeiger/Turkology Annual" (TA), founded by Andreas Tietze (†) and György Hazai, is an indispensable systematic bibliography for Turkology and Ottoman Studies. Experts...

Global Politics on Screen - A Japanese Film on the Lytton Commission in 1932

A Japanese propaganda film of the early 1930s apparently documents the League of Nations' diplomatic efforts in Manchuria, one of the most contested regions of the time. Students of Heidelberg...

The Transcultural Journeys of an Icon: the Nursing Mother

This cross media visualization of Monica Juneja’s essay “The breast-feeding mother as icon and source of affect in visual practice – a transcultural journey” enriches the original text with images...

Visual Pilgrim

Visual Pilgrim: Mapping Popular Visuality and Devotional Media at Sufi Shrines and other Islamic Institutions in South Asia  

The Priya Paul Collection

Lady on a telephone. Textile label, ca. 1930.

The Priya Paul Collection of Popular Art contains more than 4.200 illustrations from the late 19th and the 20th century.  It is one of the finest collections of ephemera like old posters,...

GECCA mapped – Mapping Western Group Exhibitions of Contemporary Chinese Art after 1979

This online-resource provides an overview of ca. 60 group exhibitions of 'contemporary', 'modern', 'new', 'avant-garde' or 'experimental art' from the People's Republic of China. All of them were...

Tasveer Ghar: A Digital Network of South Asian Popular Visual Culture

... is a trans-national virtual “home” for collecting, digitizing, and documenting various materials produced by South Asia’s often highly transcultural popular visual sphere including posters,...