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September 2015

Theosophy Across Boundaries

From its inception throughout the period of its highest influence in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the theosophist movement has constantly transgressed boundaries. It has gone beyond geographical boundaries, from Europe to India and on to other Asian countries. It has blurred boundaries between religious traditions, mixing elements from various European and Asian traditions, also appealing to individuals from a variety of religious backgrounds. Read more.

May 2015

Combinatory Religious Practices in Japanese History

This event was the result of cooperation between Heidelberg University's MC3.1 ("Economies of the Sacred"), MC07 ("Political Legitimation"), and the Jōbodai'in Kaken Group (Japan). Read more.


November 2015

Workshop with Andreas Nehring (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg):
To be announced.

May 2015 

Political Theory and Transculturality

Political discourse theory and poststructuralism were the topics of two events with Prof. David Howarth (University of Essex) held in May. The political theorist was invited by the working group "Political Theory and Transculturality", an initiative by the Junior Research Group "Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostalism", MC3 "Negotiating Religious Identities", and MC7 "Political Legitimation". Read more.

November 2014

Friedrich Max Müller and His Asian Interlocutors: Academic Knowledge about 'Oriental Religions' in Late Nineteenth-Century Europe

Friedrich Max Müller (1823–1900) was a key figure in the story of the coming about of the world religions. Through his theoretical writings on religion, and through his editorship of the Sacred Books of the East series, he helped draw new boundaries between religion and non-religion in Asia, canonize certain texts as more foundational than others, and spread these new ideas about Asian religions in Europe and North America. Read more.

February 2013

Questioning the Shape of the Polity: Japan's Engagement with China and Europe

The workshop discussed the recent work of two scholars, Dr. Kiri Paramore (Leiden University, author of Ideology and Christianity in Japan) and Dr. Ōkubo Takeharu (Meiji University). Read more.


Guest Lectures

November 2015

Lecture by Andreas Nehring (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg):
"Prognosis of Decline - Coping with the Future. Reforms in 19th Century Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar"

July 2014 

Lecture by Gereon Kopf (Luther College, USA):
"Philosophy of expression: Dōgen, Nishida, and Beyond"

April 2014 

Lecture by Dr. Sonehara Satoshi (Tohoku University, Japan):
"A New Blueprint for Japanese Early Modern Intellectual History" (in Japanese)

December 2013

Lecture by Yoshinaga Shin’ichi (Maizuru National College of Technology):

"Theosophy in Meiji Japan, its Meanings and Transformations"

July 2013

Lecture by Julie Chajes (University of the Negev):

“Madame Blavatsky and Monotheism”

June 2013

Lecture by Jason Ånanda Josephson (Williams College, USA):
"The Invention of Religion in Japan"

Internal Lectures

January 2014

Jour Fixe: Global Religious History: Talk by Michael Bergunder (MC7):
Transculturality and Global Religious History. A Religious Studies Perspective"