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Publications (Davide Torri)

• Monograph Forthcoming (2016). The Buddha and the Drum. Landscape, Ritual and Identity among the Hyolmo of Nepal.

• Chapter in Acts of Conference/Edited volume (Fortcoming 2016). "Imagining the Wild Man. Yeti Sightings in Folktales and Newspaper of the Darjeeling and Kalimpong Hills". (with Anna Sawerthal)

• Journal Article (Forthcoming 2016) "The Disease and the Cure. Millenialism and Religious Resistance to Colonialism in the 19th Century".

• Chapter Forthcoming (2016). “Il corpo in frantumi. Musica, trance e malattia nei contesti sciamanico-buddhistici himalayani.”.

• Journal Article Forthcoming (2016). “To Kill or not to Kill? The issue of Blood Sacrifice and the Transformation of Ritual Patterns in Hyolmo Shamanism”

• Chapter Forthcoming (2016). “La persistenza della paura. Storie di fantasmi nepalesi”.

• Chapter Forthcoming (2016). “From Geographical Periphery to Conceptual Centre: the Travels of Ngagchang Shakya Zangpo and the Discovery of Hyolmo Identity”

• Chapter in Acts of Conference Forthcoming (2016) “Fieldwork in Dzongu: in Siiger’s footsteps and beyond”. (Davide Torri and Charisma K. Lepcha), in Halfdan Siiger and Danish Central Asian Research (Acts of Conference), Aarhus University.

• Journal Article (2015). “The Animated Landscape. Human and non-human communities in the Buddhist Himalayas”. In R. Torella, G. Milanetti (eds), Proceedings of the International Conference "The human person and nature in classical and modern India", Supplement to RSO 88, Supplemento 2 2015.

• Monograph (2014) Il lama e il bombo. Tradizioni sciamaniche e buddhismo presso gli Hyolmo del Nepal.). Series “Sapienza Sciamanica”, University of Rome.

• Chapter (2014) “`Her Majesty’s Servants´. The Wild and the Tame under the British Raj” in Fabrizio Ferrari and Thomas Dähnhardt (eds.) Charming Beauties and Frightful Beasts. Non-Human Animals in South Asian Myth, Ritual and Folklore. (Equinox)

• Edited Volume (2013) Shamanism and Violence. Power, repression and Suffering in indigenous religious Conflicts. (co-edited with Diana Riboli), Ashgate.

• Chapter (2013) “Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Himalayan encounters with human and other-than-human opponents” in Shamanism and Violence. Power, Repression and Suffering in Indigenous religious Conflicts, Diana Riboli and Davide Torri (eds), Ashgate.