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Invited Talks and Conference Papers (Davide Torri)

11 June 2015: Lecture "The Buddha and the Drum. Landscape, Ritual and Identity among the Hyolmo of Nepal", Centre d'Etudes Himalayennes, CNRS, Villejuif, (France).

18 March 2015: Lecture “On Shamanism”, Anthropology Department, Sikkim State University, Gangtok (India).

11-12 December 2014: convenor of the workshop “Uneven Margins - Transcultural Dynamics and Religious Violence in South Asia and the Himalayan Regions”, HCTS, Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies, University of Heidelberg (Germany).

Paper presented: “Helambu valley as a "no kill" zone. Animal sacrifice, shamanism and Buddhism among the Hyolmo of Nepal”

24 November 2014: "Il Buddha e il Tamburo. Sciamanismo e Buddhismo tra gli Hyolmo del Nepal". Dipartimento di Studi sull'Asia e sull'Africa Mediterranea, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia (Italy).

14-15 November 2014: convenor of the workshop “The Hyolmo of Nepal”, HCTS, Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies, University of Heidelberg (Germany).

Paper presented: “To Kill or not to Kill? The issue of Blood Sacrifice and the Transformation of Ritual Patterns in Hyolmo Shamanism”

22-­24 October 2014: “Intra-Asian Connections: Interactions, flows, landscapes” 6th Annual International Conference, Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

Paper presented: “Travels, Historicities and Identity: the trans-himalayan voyage of Ngagchang Shakya Zangpo and its importance for the contemporary Nepalese Hyolmo community”.

23-26 July 2014: 23d ECSAS Conference, University of Zürich (Switzerland).

Paper presented: “From Helambu Sherpa to Nepalese Hyolmo”.

16-18 December 2013: Conference “Putative Purities - Transcultural Dimensions of Master Narratives in Religion”, University of Heidelberg (Germany).

Paper: “From geographical periphery to conceptual centre: the travels of sNgagchang Shakya Zangpo and the discovery of Yolmo identity”

6-9 September 2013: 11th ISSR (International Society for Shamanic Research) Conference “Traditional Rituals and Spiritual Harmony in the Changing Globalized World” Guizhou Institute for Advanced Study in Anthropology & Ethnology (GIASAE), Guizhou Normal College, Guiyang (China).

Convenor of the panel “Shamanism and Violence”

Paper presented: “A Retrospective view on Violence”