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Turkology Annual Online

The "Turkologischer Anzeiger/Turkology Annual" (TA), founded by Andreas Tietze (†) and György Hazai, is an indispensable systematic bibliography for Turkology and Ottoman Studies. Experts from all over the world contribute to its compilation, which is funded by several institutions including the UNESCO. The volumes edited by the Department of Oriental Studies of the University of Vienna have until now only appeared in printed form. Our database is going to provide open access to the digitized entries with new and efficient search options. 

The project digitized the first 26 published volumes at the Cluster's MediaLab and produced quality fulltext-versions using the Abbyy FineReader software. Team members from the Department of Computational Linguistics analysed and parsed the data into a database. Finally, a web-site was established to provide an online "re-published" version of the resource with new and efficient search functionality. The entries of volume 27-28, which was published in 2010 after the start of our project, will be added as soon as possible. An editing environment for the preparation of future volumes will also be provided.

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Resource types: Bibliographical references  
Time period: 1973-2012  
Languages: user interface: currently English, German (planned: Turkish, French); data: multi-language with (mostly) German annotations


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As an unparalleled annual systematic international bibliography, the Turkology Annual is one of the inevitable starting points for any bibliographical research in Ottoman Studies and Turkology. It is therefore even essential for teaching, studying and research.  



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