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Details: Archiving Mothers and Fathers of the Nation

Name of pool

"EXC Archiving Mothers and Fathers"


Cluster "Asia and Europe"
Karl Jaspers Centre
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg


This image-pool contains a selection from the visual material collected and used within the Cluster-project "Archiving Mothers and Fathers of the Nation in Europe and Asia: Developing a Digitized Prototype of Braided Pictorial Histories". The images cover the areas Europe, India, and China, picturing "Mothers and Fathers of the Nation". The collection comprises, among others, black-and-white photographs, propaganda material, portraits of rulers, caricatures, medieval books, and oil-paintings.

Special features/Characteristics

The collection is supplemented by a number of presentations. These show that cross-cultural influences in the visual depictions of "Mothers and Fathers of the Nation" can be observed.
Cluster members may visit the projects online-exhibition on the Cluster-Website at


To advance interdisciplinary work flows, project members from different subjects have contributed images taken from their respective research projects. These projects all depict “Mothers and Fathers of the Nation” covering a wide array of cultures and countries. Project members have commented on images of their fellow researchers whenever they spotted familiar image elements relating to their own work. Thus, new research questions focusing on the images’ transcultural aspects were developed.

Search tips

Images are annotated in English, i.e. using controlled vocabularies and descriptions. In addition, related images werde defined as "associated images" to visualise "Bilderketten".


462 image records.


Members of Heidelberg University.


Project coordinators

Christiane Brosius, Barbara Mittler, Thomas Maissen, Sumathi Ramaswamy (Duke University)

Research assistants

Cathrine Bublatzky, Sebastian Gehrig, Michael Mohr, Maren Härtel, Eric Decker


Matthias Arnold