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HyperEvaluation and A New Mirror of Kāśī

Screenshot of the HyperImage representation with more than 600 annotation layer highlighted.

HyperEvaluation is a typical Phase 1 project in which the HRA evaluated the potential of the image annotation software HyperImage for the use in different scenarios in Cluster projects.

The positive evaluation was followed by A New Mirror of Kāśī, a project that re-delivered the 2001 Benares project within HyperImage. During that modernization process the data structure was changed significantly. All text was made UTF-8 compliant and over 600 layers with polygons were created to allow direct referencing each single detail.

Now realized in HyperImage A New Mirror of Kāśī was one of the first Phase 2 projects that shared a standardized research environment with other projects making it possible to maintain and even enhance the project even after the end of the initial funding. A New Mirror of Kāśī has already survived two technology changes (static non-UTF-8 HTML > UTF-8 compliant Flash > HTML5) and constantly profits from investment in HyperImage and ongoing data transformation experiments and new visualisation approaches of Petal 3, the latest HyperImage XML data format.

HyperImage is used in several research and teaching projects at the Cluster. Current projects are Hachiman Digital Handscrolls and Pilgrimage Scroll from Rajasthan.