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Nepal Heritage Documentation Project

Professor Christiane Brosius has been awarded a grant of €775,000 by the charitable fund Arcadia for the documentation of endangered historical sites in Nepal. The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project, a collaboration between research and conservation institutions in Heidelberg and Nepal, will catalogue buildings that have been destroyed or damaged by earthquakes and emphasise the need for their preservation or reconstruction, as well as compiling an online database which will be freely accessible to all.

More information can be found here.

Entangled Histories of Art and Migration

The scientific network “Entangled Histories of Art and Migration: Forms, Visibilities, Agents” is funded by the German Research Society (2018 - 2021). It sets out to conduct research on the interrelationship of migration and globalization as an important phenomenon of social transformation in the 20th and 21st centuries and in its role for art historical research and artistic production.

A total of six international workshops at different institutes in Germany and concluding publication will contribute to establishing a long-term and lasting engagement with migration research in global art history, not least as a research field within migration studies and with a national and international visibility.

It brings together 15 scientists from anthropology, art history, and visual studies to research on migration and globalization, and is result of the cooperation between the speaker of the network, Cathrine Bublatzky, as well as Burcu Dogramaci and Kerstin Pinther.

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