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Teaching at the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology

The aim of critical evaluation and innovative methods with respect to media-related issues is reflected in topics and content of courses the chair offers students of the discipline of social and cultural anthropology at Heidelberg University (Institute of Anthropology as well as the Department of Anthropology at the South Asia Institute). Overlappings occur in the Master Programs of Anthropology and of Transcultural Studies and in thematic fields such as performance and ritual theories, ecology and knowledge production, urbanization and migration, gender and other identity politics that are all shared fields of interest in the discipline of anthropology here at Heidelberg. The Research Based Teaching at this chair does not only combine profound knowledge of theories and methods within the field, but encourages student-initiated and faculty-supervised projects. Thus students learn to use different media technologies (e.g. camera, video editing programs), analysis and usage of a vast range of visual and media data (e.g. ‘thick tagging’ or conceptualizing visual essays).  


Research Based Teaching

Student Projects

PhD Candidates