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(Frequent Questions by Heidelberg Students)

The basic principle of doctoral studies at Heidelberg University’s Faculty of Philosophy is the acceptance of a candidate by a professor as a doctoral student and subsequent registration in the Faculty Office. Doctoral studies do not require tuition fees but doctoral scholarships to cover living expenses are rare for humanities doctoral students in Germany.

Doctoral Degree Program (HGGS) Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Graduate Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HGGS) is an interdisciplinary doctoral degree program in support of several Heidelberg Faculties. The applications deadline for scholarships usually is towards the end of the year for the next academic year.

Doctoral Degree Program (GPTS) Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Graduate Program in Transcultural Studies is a degree program in the English language and provides scholarships with application deadline usually in the spring every year.

Double Degree Doctoral Program Heidelberg-Tohoku

There is a double degree program between the Faculty of Philosophy at Heidelberg University and the Graduate School of Law at Tohoku University. Applications to spend a fully-funded year in Sendai takes place twice a year.

There are also exists an option for a five year funded double degree program with the Graduate School of Letters, the Graduate School of Economics and the Center for International Cultural Studies. Application details are still to be worked out at the moment.

Double Degree Doctoral Program Heidelberg-Venice

The regular entry to the Double Doctoral Degree in Asian and Transcultural Studies between Heidelberg and Venice with three years of funding is through the selection process taking place at Venice University with the application deadline being late March.

However, regular Heidelberg doctoral students from Heidelberg to Venice via the Erasmus exchange with Erasmus scholarships. They will also be eligible for a double degree in case they stay longer than 6 months but they do not receive three years of funding.

Doctoral Degree with Research Stays in Japan at the universities of Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo

Individual doctoral students from Heidelberg are usually supervised by professors in the Humanities Research Institute or the Graduate School of Letters in Kyoto. At Osaka University in the Graduate School of Letters or at the Institute for Social Sciences or the Graduate School of Economics at Tokyo University.

IUC Inter-University Center in Yokohama (Stanford Center) Japanese Language Programs

  • Application Deadline: January for 10-Month Program (September – early June) 
  • Application Deadline: March for Summer Program (late June – early August)

The Japanese Foundation Language Institute in Kansai

  • 2-month course: June to August / Approx. 14 participants
  • 6-month course: October to April / Approx. 16 participants

PhD programs in Asian Studies in the US usually have deadlines towards the end of the year and British universities have rolling admission deadlines starting in the autumn semester.