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New Book about "Writing Across Borders"

16.Mär 2012

“The Idea of Writing: Writing Across Borders” is the title of a new book which was co-edited by Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack, Deputy Speaker of Research Area C “Health and Environment”. The articles in the book explore the versatility of different writing systems all over the globe.

“The Idea of Writing” is a book that is especially concerned with problems and possibilities emerging through the adaptation of a writing system. Through a compilation of articles the book explores questions such as “How Many Letters Needs an Alphabet?”, and looks into phenomena such as “’Short’ names of Letters”, “Roman Pressure on Korean Writing”, or the “Invention and Borrowing in the Development and Dispersal of Writing Systems”. In his own article “Old Wine in New Wineskins?” Prof. Joachim F. Quack explains how classical Egyptian rituals can be written in more modern writing systems.

The book is a result of an exchange of thoughts at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”: In May 2009 the contributors of the book came together in Heidelberg to share their ideas at the conference “Writing Across the Borders”, which was organised by research area D “Historicities & Heritage”. Afterwards, they combined their papers in this latest volume.

“The Idea of Writing” was published in January 2012 by the international publishing company Brill.

The book was jointly edited by Dr. Alex de Voogt and Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack. Joachim F. Quack is Deputy Speaker of Research Area C “Health and Environment”, and coordinator of the research projects C1 “Medical Systems” and D7 “Oriental Cults”. Furthermore, Quack is Director at the Institute of Egyptology at Heidelberg University.

For further information on "Writing Across Borders", visit Brill's website.


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