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D5 Encyclopaedias (project completed)

Hidden Grammars of Transculturality – Migrations of Encyclopaedic Knowledge and Power (Pilot Project)

Koordination: Barbara Mittler, Madeleine Herren-Oesch


Even before the term ‘encyclopaedia’ was used, both secular and religious authorities as well as other interest groups claimed the right of fixing a canon of knowledge in encyclopaedic form. This way of organising knowledge can be described as a structured compilation of single entries, providing information without requiring extensive reading which, in the twentieth century, would be called a hypertext. Research on encyclopaedic works will analyse the various links between Asian and European encyclopaedias. How did Asian and European encyclopaedia influenced each other by mutual translation/adaption, and how did this specific type of hypertext effectuate images of otherness?

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