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International Cooperation


Eastern Himalayan Research Network (EHRN)

The project is member of EHRN, an international network of scholars that focuses on historically nuanced cultural studies of the Eastern Himalayas and their borderlands. Aims of the network are to promote collaboration in digital scholarship and pedagogy, archival preservation and dissemination and nurture research partnerships involving university academics, public intellectuals, young researchers, and institutions across the Himalayas and beyond.

Columbia University

Columbia University Libraries has taken the initiative in accumulating material and documents in relation to Gegen Dorje Tharchin (1890-1976), the editor of the first long lasting Tibetan language newspaper yul phyogs so so'i gsar 'gyur melong (1925-1963), published from Kalimpong. Vast parts of this newspaper can be accessed online through the Tharchin Collection. Information on further archival holdings can also be found on the homepage.


The NGO Esukhia, located in Dharamsala, India, is providing the project the infrastructure needed for some of its digitizing efforts (see also Digital Humanities). Esukhia is dedicated to the preservation of the Tibetan language through education, language services, and research & development, aiming at bridging scholar, translator and Buddhist communities from East and West.


Isrun Engelhardt

Dr. Isrun Engelhardt is a historian working on 19th and 20th century Tibet. The project gratefully acknowledges her helpfulness in providing different sorts of historical material in relation to Kalimpong and the Eastern Himalayas.