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Manoj Misra

Manoj Misra is a research fellow at the University of Alberta, Canada. His region of focus is South Asia, where he studies globalization, climate change, food security, poverty,community involvement and local food systems. In 2014 Misra was awarded the Netting Award for the best graduate student paper by the American Anthropological Association. The paper was titled “Smallholder Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh: Questioning the Technological Optimism”. In the paper, Dr. Misra analyzes the interplay of climatic factors, agricultural technologies and markets that shape smallholder livelihoods in Bangladesh and attempts to develop a sustainable agricultural adaptation strategy. Misra visited the cluster to collaborate with the JRG, C15, in 2015 from the start of May to the end of June.  During his stay he presented the paper "Farming in an Uncertain Era: Neoliberalism, climate change and small-holder agriculture in Bangladesh".


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