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Filippo Bertoni

Filippo Bertoni is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Anthropology in the Aarhus University's School of Culture and Society (Denmark). He is a part of the AURA (Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene) Project. Bertoni is interested in a wide number of research areas such as, Environmental Anthropology, STS, Sociology, Anthropology of knowledge, Philosophy of Nature, etc. You can learn more about Bertoni and his publications at his page.

The AURA project aims to open up a novel and truly trans-disciplinary field of research into the Anthropocene. Applying insights and methods from anthropology, biology and philosophy, the project will focus on the 'co-species landscapes' that humans and other species come to co-inhabit in the Anthropocene. The projects suggests that a descriptive and trans-disciplinary approach is needed to understand the kinds of lives that are made and the futures that are possible in the ruined, re-wilded, and unintended landscapes of the Anthropocene. Find out more about AURA Here.

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