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C15 Agrarian Alternatives

Agrarian Alternatives: Agrarian Crisis, Global Concerns and the Contested Agro-ecological Futures in South Asia

Koordination: Daniel Münster


Ginger Farmer in Karnataka, India (D. Münster 2012)

Ginger Farmer in Karnataka, India (D. Münster 2012)

Agriculture has gained a new level of importance particularly in light of the debates and diagnoses regarding of the contemporary global predicament and the environmental future of human society. While most scholarship on global agrarian environments documents symptoms of crisis, limits to growth and declining knowledge and livelihoods, this project focuses on agrarian alternatives as they emerge in these times of uncertainty. The project critically investigates practices, ideas, institutions and bio-technologies that claim to contribute to a more ecologically sustainable, viable and socially just framework for agriculture. Ethnographic case studies at different scales aim to identify spaces of possibility created by rural actors, policy-makers, corporations and new seed technologies. The project further locates actors and practices in a global perspective by documenting flows of knowledge, technologies and concerns from the personal (livelihood) to global debates about economic and environmental futures.

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Daniel Münster convenes the workshop “Multispecies Belonging: Plants, Animals, Microbes in and out of Place”, Panel 37 (with Ursula Münster) at the biennial conference of the German Anthropological Association (GAA-DGV), Berlin, October 3-6, 2017

Invited Lecture
Daniel Münster presents "Gut and Soil: Multispecies Belonging and Specter of Nativism in Zero Budget Natural Farming (South India)" at the workshop “Rediscovering soils: knowledge and care in the worlds of soil” at the University of Sheffield, UK, 19-21 June 2017.

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