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International Workshop: "Reframing Chinese Objects"

07. Dez 2018 - 08. Dez 2018
Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Sarah E. Fraser (Project P.I.) Dr. Lianming Wang, Yusen Yu Institute of East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University
Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 212

Reframing Chinese Objects. Collecting and Displaying in Europe and the Islamic World, ca. 1400-1800

Across Early Modern Europe and the Islamic world, Chinese objects were collected and displayed as a means of demonstrating the collector’ cultural credentials. Porcelain vases were juxtaposed as a set of garniture in Europe, or installed in the niche of a Persian and Mughal Chini-khana or Porcelain Pavilion; a mounted Chinese scroll would be cut out and later remounted with decorative frames in a Persian album. Such practices of reframing provide a new landscape in which to appreciate a Chinese object as they cross the cultural borders beyond China.

This international workshop investigates such phenomenon of Chinese objects being “reframed.” It settles on a transcultural approach shared by historians of global connectedness. Our focus extends beyond object per se, and explores the way it was reused, re-contextualized, and institutionalized in the early modern global courtly milieu.

The workshop is meant to provide a forum for inter-disciplinary discussion and collaboration between experts in different fields. It further links European Chinoiserie with the practices of collecting and displaying Chinese objects in the Islamic world. In particular, invited speakers discuss the architectural setting in which Chinese porcelain was displayed in Early Modern Europe and the Islamic world.

Supported by the Field of Focus 3: Cultural Dynamics in Globalized Worlds
Excellence Initiative II, Heidelberg University

The conference is free, space is limited; pre-registration is required. Send your
registration by e-mail to Mr. Yusen Yu: yusen.yu@asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de

Image: Interior view of Chini-khana.
Shrine of Shaykh Safi, Ardabil, Iran.
Photographs courtesy of Yusen Yu, 2011.


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