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International Conference: Ambivalent Times

01. Dez 2018 - 03. Dez 2018 18:30 Uhr bis 13:00 Uhr
Veranstalter: Profs. Maran and Panagiotopoulos, Badisches Landesmuseum, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

The Myceanaen Palatial Period between Splendor and Demise

The period between about 1400 and 1200 BC is often considered the pinnacle of Mycenaen Greece. The question, however, arises, whether research has not been blinded by the impressive monuments and has fostered a too stable perception of the palatial period. The purpose of the conference is to examine this period in all its ambivalence. This requires to see beyond the gleaming facade of the palaces and to examine the available archaeological sources for indications of conflict, crises and internal contradictions.

The conference will accompany the exhibition Mycenae - The Legendary World of Agememnon / Mykene - Die sagenhafte Welt des Agamemnon at the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe.

The conference is ogranized jointly by the Profs. Joseph Maran and Diamantis Panagiotopoulos in cooperation with the Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe and the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.


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