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History and Memory Workshop: Entangled Pasts in the Global Present: Gender, Labor and Citizenship

09. Apr 2018
Veranstalter: Harald Fuess and Yoko Nagahara
Kyoto University, SACI Conference Room

DAAD-JSPS Kyoto-Heidelberg Joint Research Project
“Entangled Pasts in the Global Present: Gender, Labor and Citizenship”
Kyoto University, SACI Conference Room, Monday, 9 April 2018


SESSION ONE 9:30-12:30: Tales of Memory, Chair: Judit Arokay (Heidelberg); 6 presentations

Yoko Nagahara (Kyoto) and Harald Fuess (Heidelberg) Welcome

1.       Till Knaudt (Heidelberg) “What is proletarian memory? Writing about class, agency, and history in 20th century Japan”

2.       Xueni Gu (Kyoto) A Revisit to the Collective Research on Political Conversion ("Tenko") Conducted by the "Shiso no Kagaku" Group in the 1950s

3.       Roman Tsirulev (Heidelberg) “Forgotten transparency of one of the world’s strictest borders: Economic and cultural exchange in the Russo-Chinese frontier zone around 1900”

4.       Junki Sasaki (Kyoto) Exploring New Policies towards Turkish Workers before the First Oil Shock

5.       Takuma Melber (Heidelberg)  “Remembrance of the Japanese occupation in Singapore: between ‘chopsticks’ and the ‘Syonan Gallery’”

6.       Patrick Vierthaler (Kyoto) Challenging the public memory on "August 15" in South Korea: The New Right and Historiography



SESSION TWO 14:00-18:00: Sites of Memory, Steven Ivings (Kyoto); Chair: 9 presentations

7.       Yoko Nagahara (Kyoto) Where is the Skull of King Mandume?: Memory and Documents of the History of Northern Namibia

8.       Hyojin Lee (Heidelberg) “Memories of New Woman in Colonial Korea: Experience of Choi, Yeong-suk in Sweden”

9.       Shuntaro Tsuru (Kyoto) "Making peasant movement: a case study of Erlin Sugarcane Farmers Incident in Colonial Taiwan"

10.   Jaok Kwon-Hein (Heidelberg) “Making peasant women: a case study of Korean Peasant Women's Movements in the 1960s-70s”




11.   Takahiro Yamamoto (Heidelberg) “Yakov Strezov, the Orthodox Church, and national memory of Japan's far north.”

12.   Kentaro Fujimoto (Kyoto) Sakhalin as the“Lost Ground": The Rhetoric of Stalin and the Japanese Army

13.   Colin Rusneac (Heidelberg) “Commemorating Empire? Japanese Cemeteries Built Abroad and Their Place in History and Memory”

14.   Tatsuhiko Maekawa (Kyoto) “Victor's Memory” in Hiroshima: A Monument Commemorating the Sino-Japanese War

15.   Harald Fuess (Heidelberg) “Okinawa as a Site of History and Memory”


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