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Selection of further Press Clippings

This is a small selection of further press clippings. Click on the name of the medium for further information or the reporting.

RNZ announces concert "Tango trifft Taiwan"

The German newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung announces the concert "Tango trifft Taiwan" of the Heidelberger trio "Astor Piazolla" and the "Chin Yuan Chinese Orchestra."

Rhein Neckar Zeitung, 29 January 2014

RNZ announces conference on newspapers and transculturality

The German newspaper Rhein Neckar Zeitung announces the conference "Newspapers and Transculturality. New Approaches to Working with Historical Newspapers" which takes place at the Karl Jaspers Centre from January 30 to February 1.

Rhein Neckar Zeitung, 21 January 2014

Radio Regenbogen interviews Martin Nissen

German radio station Radio Regenbogen interviews Martin Nissen on the Open Access Project of the Cluster.

Radio Regenbogen 21 January 2014

NRC Handelsblad interviews Hasan Ashraf

The Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports with assistance of  Hasan Ashraf on situations of workes in Bangladeshi textile factories.

NRC Handelsblad, 17 January 2014

Deutsche Welle TV interviews Sukla Chatterjee

Deutsche Welle TV interviews with Sukla Chatterjee on violence against women in India. The talkshow "Agenda" is broadcasted around the world.

Deutsche Welle, Agenda, January 7, 2014

RNZ interviews Christian Strümpell

German newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung interviews Dr. Christian Strümpell (C5) on the phenomenon of stress during the Christmas period.

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 16 December 2013

RNZ reports on Axel Michaels' Project on Pre-modern Nepal

The German Newspaper Rhein Neckar Zeitung reported on a new research project led by Prof. Axel Michaels. The project will catalogue and analyse a wide array of texts from pre-modern Nepal that have not yet been studied in detail.

Rhein Neckar Zeitung, 2 December 2013.

Unispiegel reports on new project of Axel Michaels

Unispiegel, the newspaper of Heidelberg University, reports about Prof. Axel Michaels, Director of the Cluster, who receives funding for a long-term research project on the study of Nepalese documents.

Unispiegel, December 2013

Unispiegel reports on Fairbank Prize for Barbara Mittler

Unispiegel, the newspaper of Heidelberg University, reports about Prof. Barbara Mittler, Director of the Cluster, who won the Fairbank Prize in East Asian History for her publication "A Continuous Revolution: Making Sense of Cultural Revolution Culture".

Unispiegel, December 2013

RNZ reports on Barbara Mittler winning the John K. Fairbank Prize

The German Newspaper Rhein Neckar Zeitung reported on Prof. Barbara Mittler being awarded the John K. Fairbank prize in East Asian History by the American Historical Association.

Rhein Neckar Zeitung, 18 November 2013.

SRF2 interviews Madeleine Herren-Oesch

The Swiss Radio SRF2 interviewed Prof. Madeleine Herren-Oesch for one hour. The former director speaks about the Cluster as well as her new position as director of the Institute for European Global Studies in Basel.


SRF, 10 November 2013

BRalpha broadcasts a film about Heidelberg University

The German TV channel BRalpha broadcasted a short film portrait about Heidelberg University. It also introduces the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and its MA programme "Transcultural Studies".

BRalpha, 4 November 2013