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Selection of further Press Clippings

This is a small selection of further press clippings. Click on the name of the medium for further information or the reporting.

Die Welt quotes Takuma Melber

The online platform of the German daily newspaper Die Welt quoted Cluster member Takuma Melber in the article „Fünf Minuten, in denen Japan den Weltkrieg verlor”. The article deals with imperial admiral Yamamoto’s wish of wiping out the US Navy in the Pacific after Japan’s victorious advances in Asia. It focuses on the Midway-Atoll battle which, six months after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, resulted in a catastrophe on June 4, 1942.

Welt N24, 03 June 2017

Sophie Roche publishes article on CAAN

Dr. Sophie Roche Junior Research Group Leader at the Cluster “Asia and Europe” published an article on the Russian news page Central Asian Analytic Network (CAAN) titled “The Breast of the Shahid-Mother had Milk”. In her article, she focuses on the role of woman in the Tajik civil war that lasted from 1991 until 1997.

Central Asian Analytic Network, 29 Mai 2017

The Times of India published an article by Rudolf Wagner

The Indian newspaper The Times of India published an article by Prof. Rudolf Wagner, titled “Gobar Gas and hot Air: China far surpasses India in Biogas Plants, exposing hypocrisy of Gau Rakshaks”. The article focuses on the fast development of biogas plants in China and its social and economic impact. Prof. Dr. Rudolph Wagner is Senior professor of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University and former Cluster director.

The Times of India, 23 May 2017

Haaretz quotes Joseph Maran and Philipp Stockhammer

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted Cluster Director Prof. Maran and former Cluster Member Prof. Stockhammer in an article titled “Philistines Sailed with their Pigs to Ancient Israel”. In this article, the results of genetic analysis of 3,000-year-old pig remains in Israel are analyzed, showing that the animals came from Greece, probably brought to Canaan by the Sea Peoples.

Haaretz, 12 Mai 2017

The Himalayan Times reports on Christiane Brosius

The Nepali newspaper The Himalayan Times published the article “Centuries-old pati, hit by 2015 earthquake, reconstructed in Patan”, which featured Prof. Brosius, Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Heidelberger Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS). The article describes the work of the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Heidelberg and reports how Prof. Brosius, as representative of the fund, formally handed over the reconstructed, 349 year old Lunchhen Nani Phalcha to the local officials.

The Himalayan Times, 28 March 2017

Die Welt quotes Takuma Melber

The German Online Newsmagazine Die Welt quoted Cluster Member Takuma Melber in the article "Japan wagte 1942 zweiten Angriff auf Pearl Harbor". The article thus focuses on the results presented by Melber in his recent publication "Pearl Harbor. Japans Angriff und der Kriegseintritt der USA" published by Beck (2016).

Takuma Melber is coordinator and lecturer in the M.A. Transcultural Studies.

Welt N24, 16 March 2017

RNZ reports on Foundation Laying of the CATS

The German newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (RNZ) published an article on the laying of the foundation stone for the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS). The ceremony was held at the construction site in Heidelberg Bergheim on Friday, February 17, and was accompanied by laudations of guest of honor from the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and representatives from Heidelberg University and the construction management.

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 18 February 2017

Alpinisimi publishes article by Davide Torri

The Italien mountaineering and trekking magazine Alpinisimi published an article by Davide Torri, Associate Member of the Cluster “Asia and Europe” titled “Nepal on the Way to the Helambu after the Earthquake”.  In his article Torri speaks about his survey in Sindhupalchok and in Helambu which he carried out for the SAI Help Nepal Project which supports the population and its historic and artistic heritage.

Alpinisimi, 04 February 2017

Die Welt Online quoted Takuma Melber

The online platform of German national daily newspaper Die Welt published two articles quoting Takuma Melber, Lecturer and Coordinator of the Master Programme of Transcultural Studies. The two pieces, one about British military in Singapore and the other on Japan’s “Bilitzkrieg” in the British Malaya, both quoted Melber’s dissertation “The Occupation of Japan in Malaysia and Singapore (1942-1945)”.

Welt N24, 09 February 2017
Welt N24, 15 February 2017

Darmstädter Echo reports on book pesentation by Friederike Werner

The German newspaper Darmstädter Echo reported about the presentation of a new book by Dr. Friederike Werner titled “Ägyptomanie in Preußen”. On Feburary 9, she presented the volume at the Schlossmuseum in Darmstadt and gave a tour through the museum, where the royal table centerpiece explored in the book is kept. Friederike Werner is Associate Member of the Cluster of Excellence and worked in project MC 14.2 “Materialising Memories: Aegyptiaca in early modern Europe and the phenomenon of Egyptomania”.

Darmstädter Echo, 09 February 2017

SWR1 interviews Prof. Joachim Quack

German radio station SWR1 interviewed Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack, Director of the Institute for Egyptology at Heidelberg University and Deputy Speaker of Research Area C "Health & Environment" at the Cluster. During the programme "Kann ich das bitte schriftlich haben...?!" he talked about Egyptian hieroglyphs, the handwriting of the ancient Egyptians. Prof. Quacks contribution to the proramme can be heard from 7:20 to 11:20.

SWR1, 16 January 2017

Mannheimer Morgen quotes Axel Michaels

The German newspaper Mannheimer Morgen quoted Cluster Director Prof. Axel Michaels in a report titled “Digitale Sichtbarkeit des Wissens“. The article focuses on the cooperation between the Heidelberg University Library and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and their effort to publish scientific results in open access.  

Mannheimer Morgen, January 12, 2017.