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Corporate Publishing

Get an overview of our corporate publishing collaterals as well as of our periodically available publications.

In 2013 the Cluster introduced its new Corporate Design. The development went along with the new design of Heidelberg University and the beginning of the second funding period of the Cluster in 2012. The new logo and templates are available in Sharepoint (only for Cluster members).

Poster Career Day (PDF, 2,1MB)


In order to promote the Cluster and its main activities, collaterals such as posters, brochures, folders, and flyers are produced and distributed to numerous universities, research institutes, and academic associations around the globe.

In addition, periodicals such as a bi-annual newsletter, a quarterly event calendar, and a weekly event calendar are produced and distributed to their respective subscribers.

As a result, the Cluster and its main activities become increasingly known in Heidelberg, Germany, Europe, and Asia.

More collaterals


Periodically available publications of the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" include:

The newsletter is published twice a year. It provides the latest news, events, publications, and Cluster member activities.

Quaterly Event Calendar
Every three months, upcoming events are announced in the Quarterly Event Calendar.

Weekly Event Calendar
On Fridays, the weekly event calendar announces the events of the upcoming week.

More periodicals


PR Contact

Anna Echtenacher
PR Manager

Phone: +49 (6221) 54 ­4353
Fax: +49 (6221) 54 ­4012
Mobile: +49 (177) 617 ­8337


Event Registration

Regarding past or future events, kindly contact the Cluster's Event Management.