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Book cover "Counterfactual Thinking"
04. Aug. 2009

New publication by Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer: "Counterfactual Thinking as a Scientific Method"

Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer, Leader of Junior Research Group B9 "Information Flows" has recently edited a special issue on "Counterfactual Thinking as a Scientific Method / Kontrafaktisches Denken als... weiterlesen

Book cover "Die Brüder Stauffenberg"
04. Aug. 2009

New publication by Peter I. Trummer: "Die Brüder Stauffenberg und der Deutsche Widerstand"

Peter I. Trummer, Ph. D. Candidate in project A4 "Fascination of Efficiency" has recently co-edited (with Konrad Pflug, Leader of the State Institute for Political Education, Baden-Württemberg) a... weiterlesen

31. Mär. 2009

New publication by Professor Ashis Nandy: "The Demonic and the Seductive in Religious Nationalism"

Professor Ashis Nandy, research fellow in the Cluster's research area A, Governance and Administration, has published a new paper titled "The Demonic and the Seductive in Religious Nationalism:... weiterlesen


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